From the Kitchen of an 86 & 83 year old Couple……

20150427-102647.jpgGotta find a smile, a laugh or chuckle in some of the simple things in life!!!

I am sharing these with you from the kitchen of an 83 & 86 year old couple that are still full of life,

full of advice on how they see things,

who still have a wonderful sense of humor,

who still have smarts and common sense,

who are still full of wisdom and lots of knowledge!!!!


They both do some of the cooking and they both do various things inside and outside of the house to stay active and busy!!!

I found that these made me chuckle so I thought I would share them…..


It was nice to visit and talk with them as they lived during the depression and both of their parents were immigrants that succeeded here in America.  I hope you enjoy these little sayings that I found in their kitchen.

Thank you for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


Another Day for Positivity……..

Another Day for Positivity………20150426-232038.jpg

Let yourself enjoy life and stress less!!

What’s done is done and in the past…….

Create a positive attitude and atmosphere!!!


Don’t judge others unless you are willing to take a good long look at yourself!!!

YOU are NOT perfect either and have faults of your own just like everyone else!!!!


NO ONE is perfect or has a perfect life and we all have our own struggles.

So why judge someone when we should just accept them for who they are??!?!?!

Isn’t that what we want, don’t we just want everyone else to accept us for who we are?!?!?!


Take each day and find the Positives in Life…….

Take time to appreciate what matters most in your life……..

Take the negatives and choose how to be……..

Take all of the positives and cherish them before they are gone……

Do NOT let the negatives of the past win, accept things for what they are and apologize if necessary……

Kindness can go a long ways…….I hope you ALL have a wonderful Monday!!!! 😃

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson

Sleepless Nights….Missing My Husband…….


I can’t seem to fall sleep……….Sleepless Nights…….

I have been in Washington State for a little over a week now while my husband and my sons are still in Montana.  I do not sleep well when I do not have my husband by my side no matter where I’m at, I never have.  And then struggling with my emotions this past week has just made my restlessness worse.

Dealing with my mothers side of the family while my Grandmother was passing away was stressful and learning that one of my little brothers passed the night before Grandma slipped away was even harder.  I am strong and can see positives in negatives but yet I have always been highly emotional.


He is my Friend, my Lover, my Companion and the One I Lean on most.

My husband has put up with a lot these past 21 years…..

He has put up with me and my family,

He has supported me regardless in various things,

He has loved me unconditionally,

He has contributed to our wonderful three handsome boys and he is still by my side after all these years…..


To My Husband,

Thank YOU for being the Love of My Life!!!  ❤️ Ya Lots and I may be feeling a little emotional due to lack of sleep and missing you!!!!


I hope that everyone has or has had a special someone in your life that has accepted you for who you are and who has loved you unconditionally.  It is a special feeling to know you are so LOVED!!!

The picture with the word LOVED I took of a ring my husband had made for me when we were in Vegas on Freemont Street this past February.  It brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with joy!!! 🙂

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Despite Lifes Heartaches and Challenges………

Despite the Heartache and Challenges Life throws our way…..we are still here to Live Another Day!!!!


NO Regrets………

Cherish your Loved Ones,

Mend broken Relationships,

Live with Happiness,

Let go of things from the Past,

Allow yourself to Heal and Enjoy the Simple Things in Life!!!!

I hope you ALL have a Wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Dealing with Life……it’s all up to you…….


Being Positive is NOT always easy…..

Being Happy and Putting on a Smile is sometimes hard…..

Trying NOT to Cry doesn’t always work………

Sometimes in Life we have Struggles, we have Loss, we have Everyday Life……..


What matters most is…………

How we take every situation and Learn,

How we ourselves Grow,

How we learn how to Improve,

How we Remember our Loved Ones,

How we Adapt and Figure out how to Keep Going,

How we Move Forward and Deal with every Situation.

Moving forward is very important for our own healing and for others around us!!!

Life’s too short to worry about things we cannot change…

Life’s too short to worry about what others think…..

Life’s too short to get caught up in family feuds and to take sides…..

Life’s to short to hold grudges and to be bitter!!!!

Share your Love with others and allow yourself to be happy!!! 😊

Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Challenges of Life…….everyday

Be Positive, Be Strong, Be Loving, Be Forgiving……….Challenges in Life are sometimes hard……….


Try to Stay Positive and remind yourself of the good things in Life…..

Even if you are sad it will pass, even if you are angry it will subside, even if you are bitter this too shall pass……….


There’s so much that’s still good in your Life,

There’s still Loved Ones who Care,

There’s still your memories to be cherished to help you smile!!!!


Today is another day and tomorrow will be too……. 😊

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson