It’s ok and normal to have a meltdown…..

Sometimes, we all need to take a few for ourselves and whatever issues we have going on.  It’s ok and normal to have a meltdown and sometimes it is very needed.

However, it is VERY VERY important to let it out and then let it GO!!  There is NOTHING that can be done to change what has already happened, what is in the past, and sometimes there’s simply nothing we can do about things other than adjust ourselves.img_20180218_072308_0031376013520.jpg

Adjust ourselves…change our attitude and move forward towards more positives, towards enjoying what life has to offer, towards another day, towards more happiness and laughter…. You hold the key to locking the negatives behind you….Use It Wisely. Great Big Hugs & Luvs from me 2 U … Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…Robin Robinson


Surround yourself with more positives…..

Good Morning to you ALL!!!  I have been a bit silent as of late but it is time to get back to img_20180404_072508_1015359923668194504903.jpgsome of my weirdness and sharing my random thoughts with all of you!!  You have been 😋 Besides, writing helps me keep my sanity….

We tend to become what we surround ourselves with.  We tend to absorb the attitudes, the behaviors and just whatever we allow to get to us.  It is up to us as individuals to make changes, to help those around us, to separate ourselves from those whom suck any positives out of us.  YOU are whatever YOU believe you can be, whatever YOU choose to be and whatever YOU choose YOU deserve!!!  Life is complicated and even harder when we or others are “negative nellies”.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  YOU have greatness within you, be a better person and surround yourself with others that help you in a positive way instead of negatively.  Be the difference, Be the change.  Hugs & Luvs 2 U All… Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….. Robin Robinson

Life, be a reflection……

Hello Hello Hello my beautiful & handsome friends & family….

Life is complicated,
Life is often not what we had envisioned,
Life has many ups and downs throughout our lives,
Life can even be more than we could have imagined or hoped for at times.

Life is easier when we learn to navigate it with a more positive, happy and optimistic attitude.  None of us likes to be treated crappy or negatively, none of us!!  But, have you ever stopped to think about yourself once in awhile and how you may be treating others without even realizing it and it is combing back to you?!?img_20180412_065154_1874105233506571438525.jpg

Sometimes, people are just rude and negative because of their own issues within their lives but at the same time….at the same time, sometimes people are rude or negative to us because that’s what we gave them first.

Be a difference….Be a reflection of what you want back from others….Be the positive everyone needs in their life and just Be happier!!  It’s FREE and it can greatly improve your life!!!  It can also help you enjoy your life more and it can even allow you to see how truly blessed you are no matter what your situation!!

Life has ups and downs and we cannot always control it.  What we can control in Life is “Ourselves & Our Attitudes”.😉  Sending you ALL positive thoughts ans positive vibes for a happier more positive life!!  Lotsa Luvs from me 2 U … Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

If another can easily ANGER you…..

Something to think about…. Maybe more of us should read this a few times and really think about things that anger us.img_11032635942236490298350.jpg

Sometimes, in a few circumstances being angry is the common response for many of us whether a real good reason or not.

Sometimes, I do believe we get angry because of our own issues and NOT because of others.

Sometimes, we get angry because we are frustrated and do not know how to deal with the situations.

Sometimes, we get angry as a defense for whatever reason instead of concentrating on a solution or being empathetic with others.

Sometimes, getting angry is easier than showing vulnerability or that we are hurting.

Sometimes, getting angry just happens even in the simplest of stupid situations that really has nothing to do with anyone else but ourselves and the battles within.

Sometimes, being angry makes us lash out and we end up saying and/or doing hurtful things towards others and often hurt those we love and value within our lives.

Being angry, being sad and being miserable with ourselves and/or with others is such a negative and can often be destructive…none of us needs that in our lives.

When you find yourself being angered… STOP and think about it.

  • Why are you angry? Now, why are you really angry and does it really matter?
  • Does being angry help the situation?
  • Does being angry solve any problems or does it make it worse and harder to solve any issues?
  • Does being angry define who you really are?
  • When you are angry do you make good or bad decisions, do you think rationally?
  • When you are angry how do you treat others?
  • When you are angry are you really mad at others or uncertain of why you are truly upset?
  • Is being angry really the best way to be?

Think on these….these are just a few things to think on.

If you are often angry…  Good Luck, work on yourself and try to recognize triggers and reasons to help yourself be less angry.  If you are around others whom get angry….why are they angry?  Are you the cause of their anger, are you contributing to their anger, are you a positive despite their negative?  Do you help calm their anger?  Sometimes, we cannot do anything for others except walk away and distance ourselves…..  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson



What should life be about???

I am sharing this picture saying because I Love what it says and what it is trying to make us think about.

Read it once or twice and think about what it is saying.  Then think about it in regards to your own life.  Life shouldn’t be about materialistic things or trying to outdo anyone.  Life should be a competition soley with ourselves and being the best “US” that we can be.

img_20180415_063152_5503443235743128796776.jpgWhen our lives are over, materialistic things are just things but who were were as a person is what lives on, the love we shared and the people we touched….our family, our friends, our loved ones….how our memory lives on within them…..

Some deep thoughts this morning as I watched the sunrise once again.  May we all find peace and happiness within our lives.  May we all see the blessings we already have no matter what our situation.  May we all strive to be better then yesterday and may we all realize that life happens…so, we might as well enjoy it more in a positive manner that creates more positives within ourselves, within others and within our own lives…. Great Big Hugs & Lotsa Luvs from me to ALL of YOU .. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Remember who you really are today…..

I love the message this saying says and I agree completely!!  Believe in yourself and your abilities!!  img_20180316_091046_1381104304257.jpg

I for one believe in YOU, NEVER ever give up!! As always, I am here for each and every one of you and but a message away!!  Really, reach out to me anytime and I will do my best to listen, respond and help you in any way I can.

Great Big Hugs & Lotsa Luv …  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…Robin Robinson



We are but a small speck in a great big world…..

Whimg_20180411_064236_9264405803852302240986.jpgat a beautiful sunrise….we are but a small speck in this great big world.

Today is another day, use it wisely….
Try to do more good than harm….
Realize and cherish your blessings….
Be the positive difference in someone’s life no matter how brief your encounter….
Go about your day with confidence and believe in yourself….
Follow your hopes and dreams no matter what your age….
Never stop believing in miracles….
Be the best YOU you can be….
Now go about your day, do NOT dwell on the negatives but grasp your opportunities of each brand new day. Hugs & Luvs 2 U All🙂 .. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson