The Struggles Within…….

The struggles within……..

The past few days I have seen pain, heartache, resentment, anger, frustration, hurt feelings, pity, sorrow, awkwardness, tension and yet a lot of Love.  I know that letting go and forgiving things from the past is not easy and that it’s easier to hold onto the negatives than release them and move forward…..I know that I have NOT walked in their shoes nor been through or seen what they have but my heart aches for each one of them……….as I am much older than I once was, I look back at the lives of some of my relatives and remember the good times and remember that these emotions have always been present ever since I can remember.

20150422-075324.jpgThere’s a lot of good times that have been had in this family and although time has spread everyone apart it’s nice to see the love and the closeness and the bonds that resume once again despite some of the awkwardness amongst them, the tension and emotions come and go and I can see it as I sit amongst them.

As I sit here I wonder to myself if this reuniting of the family will change anything, will this bring some of the family closer again, will some of the family be able to finally let go of some of their pain, will some of them stay in touch more like a family should, or will it go back to how it was like I’ve seen in other families?!?!?!


It is nice to see the barriers dropping a little……This is NOT about me and NOT about them but rather my Grandmother that is drifting away………..

Please take the time to try and let go of the past, to forgive and to let go of any hurtful emotions…….Life is harder when you stay bitter, the past is done and over with, let your heart heal, mend relationships with loved ones that you still care about before it’s too late……..

Thank you for reading my thoughts…………Robin Robinson


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