Sleepless Nights….Missing My Husband…….


I can’t seem to fall sleep……….Sleepless Nights…….

I have been in Washington State for a little over a week now while my husband and my sons are still in Montana.  I do not sleep well when I do not have my husband by my side no matter where I’m at, I never have.  And then struggling with my emotions this past week has just made my restlessness worse.

Dealing with my mothers side of the family while my Grandmother was passing away was stressful and learning that one of my little brothers passed the night before Grandma slipped away was even harder.  I am strong and can see positives in negatives but yet I have always been highly emotional.


He is my Friend, my Lover, my Companion and the One I Lean on most.

My husband has put up with a lot these past 21 years…..

He has put up with me and my family,

He has supported me regardless in various things,

He has loved me unconditionally,

He has contributed to our wonderful three handsome boys and he is still by my side after all these years…..


To My Husband,

Thank YOU for being the Love of My Life!!!  ❤️ Ya Lots and I may be feeling a little emotional due to lack of sleep and missing you!!!!


I hope that everyone has or has had a special someone in your life that has accepted you for who you are and who has loved you unconditionally.  It is a special feeling to know you are so LOVED!!!

The picture with the word LOVED I took of a ring my husband had made for me when we were in Vegas on Freemont Street this past February.  It brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with joy!!! 🙂

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson


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