From the Kitchen of an 86 & 83 year old Couple……

20150427-102647.jpgGotta find a smile, a laugh or chuckle in some of the simple things in life!!!

I am sharing these with you from the kitchen of an 83 & 86 year old couple that are still full of life,

full of advice on how they see things,

who still have a wonderful sense of humor,

who still have smarts and common sense,

who are still full of wisdom and lots of knowledge!!!!


They both do some of the cooking and they both do various things inside and outside of the house to stay active and busy!!!

I found that these made me chuckle so I thought I would share them…..


It was nice to visit and talk with them as they lived during the depression and both of their parents were immigrants that succeeded here in America.  I hope you enjoy these little sayings that I found in their kitchen.

Thank you for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


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