Bio: Happily married for 21 years with 3 teenage sons (one is in college). I love my life and the the people that are in it (friends and family). I have multiple hobbies that I enjoy to do off and on throughout the year and as weather permits. Some of these include taking pictures, golfing, watching sports, and either riding my motorcycle or riding behind my husband.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Good morning Robin
    Thank you for recognizing our troops during the Thanksgiving holiday
    The pictured you posted was great:

    Would you also be designing a similar picture for the upcoming holiday season?
    If so could you please email me the design?

    If you need anything further please let me know
    Adam Ochs

    • Thank you Adam for your kind words. I cannot take credit for the picture as it is one that I searched for and found online (assuming it’s one with Military Members in it).

      Thanks and wish I could help. If I had access to take a bunch of these or other photos of our Military I would do it in a heartbeat to share with the world and more importantly with their family and friends back home!!!

      Thanks for asking and hope you have a Wonderful Christmas or whatever Holidays you may celebrate!!

      Robin Robinson

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