Monday — Choices, Solutions, Letting Go & Being Happy


What a Beautiful start to a Monday!!!

The sun is shining brightly here in my part of beautiful Montana!!!

It’s Monday again and the path is yours to choose…….


It’s a Brand New Day to keep the negatives away!!!!!

Don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!

There will always be problems……

There will always be obstacles to overcome……

There will always be negative people…..

There will always be worries……

There will always be…………….


Embrace the positives in your life and allow yourself to be HAPPY!!!!

Spread Smiles, Laughter and Happiness everywhere you go!!!!!

LIFE Happens and it’s up to YOU how you Live it!!!

The Choice is YOURS to Fail or Succeed…….

The Choice is YOURS to be Positive or Negative……

The Choice is YOURS to Let Go or to Stay Stuck in the Past…….

The Choice is YOURS!!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson


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