I wish people could move on……that

I wish that some people could move on…….that they could learn to forgive what has happened in the past and move forward.

20150420-232033.jpgLetting go, releasing the negatives……

Letting go of the inner pain and demons that dwell within can help one heal,

Can help them move forward in life instead of being stuck on what happened in the past,

It can make one happier instead of bitter and angry at the world…..


Holding onto all the bad memories is nothing but negativity and can cause so much friction with yourself and/or others that you lose the positives and good things that should be shared in Life.

So many people do NOT realize how badly this affects their lives and the lives of others around them, their friends and loved ones!


You can forgive someone for the past for Yourself, forgiving them of the wrongs, forgiving and accepting what happened because there is nothing that can ever take it back or take it away…….

Forgive, Accept & Move Forward knowing that you can heal from within………


NO ONE is perfect…….

We ALL make mistakes but we ALL have a choice to Let Go of the Past and to make ourselves Happier.

The Only Things in Life YOU can Control is YOU, YOURSELF & YOUR Thoughts!!!!!!!

My thoughts as I see the pain of others and want nothing more than to fix their broken hearts………….

Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


4 thoughts on “I wish people could move on……that

    • Yes, you are right!!! I wish it was easier to heal and to let go but as long as one is trying that is what matters. It’s how we live and choose to live that matters!!! Good luck to us all in letting go and moving on!!!

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