Hopes & Dreams….What are you doing to achieve them?


What a Beautiful Day Today is, or can be or will be if you let it!!!!! 

Time to think…………..

What do you dream of?

What are your hopes and dreams?

What is left in your life that is still undone that you’ve always wanted to see or do?


So, what are these dreams for the here and now?

For the next month?

For this next year?

For your future?


After thinking about what you want and when you would like them to happen………

What Have you been doing?

What do you Need to do?

What will help you Succeed?

What is stopping you and getting in the way?

Figure it out!!!!!  Make a list, do what is needed and NEVER give up!!!

Is money part of the problem?  Come up with a solution……….

Do you really need another pair of shoes when you have 10 pair already……..

Do you need to eat out all the time………

Why not buy what you need and not the extra impulsive things!!!!

Maybe every time you go to spend money, think about it……..Do I really need this or do I just want it?


Will this really get used or eaten now or next month?

Is this something needed right now?

Can I make myself a cup of coffee instead of buying one???

Just a thought but maybe set up a jar or container and every time you decide NOT to buy something because you really don’t need it, remember how much it costs.  Take that money even if it’s only $1.75 and put it in a jar as if you did buy it like you normally would have.  Make a goal as to when to get into the money and what you will use it for and you may be surprised how much money you saved by NOT purchasing things you really didn’t need!! 😊

Look to your Future and what you want to do and see………Be Happy, Do Things that Make You Happy…….

Believe it CAN be Done and you shall Succeed!!!  Good Luck on Reaching your Dreams!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson


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