Beautiful Montana Smokeless Morning

What a Beautiful Monday Morning!!! We are blessed once again with our beautiful Montana Mountains and fresh air……Life is good!!!!We have been surrounded by so much smoke with low visibility that it’s SO nice to see the Mountains and the trees!!! 

I know that today is Monday, but…put a BIG smile on your face, be happy and laugh often……there’s so much to be grateful for… be yourself, enjoy and live life to the fullest with NO Regrets!!!  
Push forward and do what you’ve always wanted to do….Love & Cherish your Family and Friends……Happy Monday Everyone!!!Thans for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson


LIVE Life, Enjoy….No Regrets

Don’t take life too seriously……so much in Life we have NO control over….  

YOU DO have Complete Control over Yourself, Your Attitude & how you let Life’s challenges affect you!!! Be who YOU are, be PROUD of YOURSELF…….who cares what Others think or say, they are NOT YOU!!!  
YOU should NEVER Ever have to try and impress anyone, YOU should NEVER have to explain yourself…….YOU will stumble through Life, YOU will make mistakes, NO one is Perfect and YOU are the one in control of your LIFE!  
So…..Live It, Enjoy It, Experience It, Leave NO stone unturned….NO Regrets, NO I Wish I had…….LIVE YOUR LIFE, BE HAPPY & FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day……Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

You (We) are Awesome!!!!

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!!!!! 😊 It is yet another day….another day for great things, great thoughts, great smiles & great laughter!!  
We have all struggled in life, we all still struggle in life……Life is what we choose to make of it, both good and bad……YOU (WE), are all Awesome and have such great potential regardless of our age, of our hopes & dreams…….YOU (WE) just need to believe in ourselves, have a positive determined attitude and the desire to do, to be, to conquer!!!!  
YOU (WE) are Awesome, unleash the Fierce Happy Warrior whom wants to succeed and be Happy!!! Good Luck and Have a Wonderful Day!!!! Luv Ya All, My Wonderful Family & FriendsThanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Radiate Happiness & Positivity!!!! Wishing everyone a Wonderful Tuesday filled with love & joy!!  –Being Negative, Being Sad, Being stuck in the past brings you down!! STOP IT!!!! You are better & deserve better……   


 Life is complicated, always will be but it is up to YOU and only YOU to control your Happiness, to find the Good Things in Life, to Discover Wonderful Things, to Enjoy what you Have & to Cherish Your Loved Ones……there’s far more Positives and things to be Thankful For if you just take the time to look and realize!!

Have a Positively Wonderful Tuesday!!!!!

Always Take Care of Yourself….

Regardless what you have going on in your life currently……..make sure to take care of yourself and not just take care of everyone else!! You are important too!!  
 So Feel Fabulous, Be Happy, Live Life, Love Unconditionally & Take Care of Yourself …… NO REGRETS!!! 

 Happiness, Attitude & Well-Being are completely up to you!!! You can do it…….Be Positive, Be Strong, Never Lose Hope & you WILL succeed in all aspects of life and be Happier which in turn will radiate and spread to others!! Have a Wonderful day everyone!! 

 Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Smoke covered mountains brings sadness….

Yuck yuck yuck is what I have to say!!! Been lucky enough while staying in Polson, MT and on Flathead Lake but yesterday afternoon the smoke started to really get thick, started to really hide the beautiful mountains and islands and the smell has become stronger too!!! 😞  

 This morning appears to be a little worse!!! It is so saddening the mount of fires we have going on right now on our end of the U.S.  These pictures should have beautiful majestic mountains in the background!!!  I took these at 6:30am.

   A great BIG THANK YOU to ALL the men and woman whom are fighting the fires, whom are cooking for the firefighters, whom are dropping retardant, whom are working hard to help in many ways……..too ALL involved!!! Please stay safe!!!                           
I know that many people understand the difficulties we have with our forests and NOT being able to log, maintain, create jobs and to protect our resources but yet many people do NOT understand.  If you are torn or not sure or even if you think you know about our forests and people wanting to preserve them do some research…..pros and cons from ALL sides and make an informed decision for yourself and NOT based on what others say and think it even what the news is telling you!!  Until you live in these fire burning areas, until you know and talk with loggers, forest service men & woman you may NOT really know the whole truth!!  

In my opinion…..I want to save our forests and NOT have these mass explosive fires as we do and some of it can be prevented or at least easier to maintain if loggers were allowed to cut down the “dead standing timber (trees)”.  The wood can be used for so many things.  I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone but to ALL those against and especially the Political people on the other side of the country whom have NEVER lived, breathed or been witness to the heartbreaks, loss and devistation……I encourage you to come and be witness in person, live in the smoke ridden areas for awhile, talk to the locals and try to get a better understanding of what logging our forests is really about!!  We can save and preserve better by logging than doing nothing and letting it all burn!!!  Sorry, my small rant is over.  Please be safe and thank a firefighter, fire-worker, a police officer anyone and everyone involved and let them know they are appreciated because some day you may need them!! 

Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Happiness and Peace…may we all find it

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning…….Good Morning everyone!!!!  

May you find Happiness and some Peace today if you are struggling…..may your Heart be filled with joy, may your body find laughter, smiles, positive thoughts and happy memories!  
We ALL have our own struggles and issues but do not let them consume you and affect others……..we ALL have much to be Grateful for!!!  

 Even in our darkest hours we still have many many blessings to be Thankful for!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone and Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson