Don’t let the daily stresses steal your Happiness……Things Change…….Things Always Change…..Nothing Lasts Forever…..

Life Changes Directions Constantly……Both Good and Bad…..Don’t Stress over the things you are unwilling to change……..If You Are Stuck It Is Up To You To Work Towards Something Better…..Towards A New And Better Chapter In Your Life…..

I know it isn’t always easy…..I know it is easier to stay on the safe course on the course that is familiar……But looking towards Better Times, towards the things you want in Life…….YOU will NEVER get ahead or achieve your goals without trying, without working towards what you want despite any hardships along the way…….

Try to find the GOOD, the Positives you’ve had & currently have within your life……Look towards the future and the things you want and go for them……achieve them and do whatever it takes to be happy……..


Happiness is a Choice, and the Choice is up to you……..Find what makes you Happy & what makes you Smile and hold onto them, think about these things when times are tough……

My husbands Grandfather use to say “You’ll Never Get Ahead In Life If You Don’t first Stick Your Neck Out”…..I believe this to be true, just think on it a little as you truly do have to take chances, you have to sometimes get out of your comfort zone…..

Life is Ever Changing, Nothing is Permanent & Life is Easier when we attempt to Stress Less!!😊  Follow Your Dreams, Make Choices To Improve Your Life……The Choice is YOURS and YOURS alone as to direct the Sails of your future.  Have a Most Wonderful Day!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson



Last Wednesday of 2015….Thoughts and Reflections

Hellllllooooo WEDNESDAY!! 2015 is almost over and I am Thankful and Blessed beyond words!!   Just like You, I am human……..I have had my share of mistakes, struggles and inner demons but it is in the PAST….. I AM WHO I AM because of what I have been through in my Life and how I choose to let it affect me!!   

 I have forgiven others for any wrongs that have been done towards me, I have released the hate and negative energy for ME….NOT for them but for me to heal, to be happier and to be a better person!!  
I have embraced my weird, emotional, happy-go-lucky, optimistic and un-conditionally fun loving self and accept that I am just as Unique and Interesting as everyone else….. I AM WHO I AM!!!!  

  2015 has been a great year of many changes, adventures, soul searching, and dreaming of what is still to come in my Future!! 
I am happy to let go of 2015 and to start 2016 with New Goals, Dreams and Adventures!!! 😃 
 Sending you ALL Wonderful Wishes as we bring in the New Year!! May your 2016 be filled with Love, Laughter and an Over-Abundance of Happiness!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson