BE……be you and nothing less

Being true to yourself and admitting how you really are is not always easy……so in case any of you don’t already know, This Is Me!!! ¬†Full of Weirdness, Full of Goofiness, Full of Thoughts, Full of Love, Odd-ballness and sometimes just plain Full of It……but I sure do have a lot of fun being Me!ūüėČ


Life is SO much easier when we can learn to let go of the negatives… ¬† ¬†when we can learn to accept that things aren’t always going to go as planned… ¬† ¬†when we can learn to just have faith that everything will work out one way or another… ¬† when we learn that what’s meant to be shall be… ¬† ¬†when we learn to realize that we are truly blessed in so many ways… ¬† ¬†when we learn and realize that most of the things we think are important in life are really only things…. ¬†BE YOU, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, BE HAPPY… ¬† Sending you all a Great Big Smile and some Positive Vibes for a Wonderful Day!!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Happy Tuesday, It’s Time To Just Be Happy……..

Just trying to send you all a little Sunshine, some Smiles a big Hug and some Positivity!ūüėÉToday will be as good or bad as you make it…..

I say make it a Good Day no matter how tough it may be, look for the Good within your day as you let the negatives slide on by…..Happy Tuesday Everyone!! Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Monday Once Again…will it be a good day?!

Once again, the weekend is gone and a new week has begun……Nothing you can do about it. ¬†You cannot magically make Monday go away or the weekend to be here again so ya might as well make the most of it as best you can.

No matter what day it is, Your Day is as Good as You Make it!! ¬†Even if there’s things to gripe and groan about (as there always is) doesn’t mean you have to!! ¬†There are plenty of other things around you and within you to be Grateful for. ¬†Why not enjoy your day a little more by putting a pep in your step, a smile on your face and go about your day choosing to be Happier, cool, calm and collected for the day?! ¬†Have as Wonderful of a Monday as possible!! ūüėä Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson