4-1-17 Smile, Love & Appreciate..our lives are different but that’s okay..be the best YOU you can be anyways!!

As this week was spent with family and friends remembering our loved one and others that have already passed away we shared many stories of both good and bad times.  But, we also found ourselves being surrounded with the constant negatives, drama and soul draining complaints by our loved ones being miserable, worrying over the unknowns of  the future, of gossiping about others, of the complaints about their lives and those around them, we were asked for advice numerous times and more often than not asked what we knew, what we had heard and were constantly surrounded and felt as though they were attempting to suck us in to the negatives that they thrive on!!! 

It is amazing to me that they want the best of everything , they want happiness like my husband and I have, they want more out of life but yet are unwilling to change, to try new things, to try and change their surrounds, to try to be positive and to see the Good within their lives with the blessings that they already have but yet they are unwilling to change their negative ways, they are so unwilling and close minded to see how easy it is to start seeing the Good Within Their Lives!!  It really saddens me and hurts my heart and soul!!

This is part of why my husband and I moved a year ago once we became emptynesters….we wanted more and we wanted to distance ourselves from all of the negativity….we wanted to leave it all behind us.  All I can do now is Love Them Unconditionally, be here for them and help them as best I possibly can…..all I can do is encourage them and try to guide them into more positive and happy thoughts but ONLY if and when they ask for it…..All I Can Do Is Live My Life To Be The Happiest, The Most Positive And The Most Life Loving Person That I Can Be!!  Where do you fit into any of my above scenario, are you a complainer and negative or are you the Happy Life Loving Person?!?!?!  Do what makes YOU Happy, surround yourself with Positive People who bring out the best in you and Live Your Life even if you have to distance yourself from loved ones in order to be the Best Person You Can Be!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Sunday Evening

Happy Sunday Evening!!!!  

Have a wonderful week……..take on this week and all of its challenges with a smile. You can overcome anything with determination and the right attitude!!! 😊  
It may not be easy, you may want to give up but have faith that everything will be okay…….Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

What will the day bring and what does the future hold!?!?

What will the day bring and what does the future hold?!?!??


The possibilities are endless…..

It is up to YOU to choose and control your environment,

Your attitude

Your overall well-being!!!


Don’t Live in fear of the unknown,

The what-ifs……..

Don’t live in your past mistakes,

Your wrong turns………

LIVE in the here and now and embrace everything that Life has to offer and that Life throws at you!!!!


YOU have so much happiness and joy within you,

YOU have so many wonderful people in your life that care about you,

YOU have the power to CHOOSE how you LIVE…….

Have faith in your own abilities!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

New Month, New Beginnings…..

Happy April!!!! New Beginnings happen everyday……..New Beginnings are what you make of them, Everyday is a New Beginning and it is up to YOU what you do with it………


Forget about what HAS already Happened, forget about the Negatives that are over with, forget about what CANNOT be Changed—–Look at what Today has to offer, look at what Tomorrow may bring and Look to the FUTURE of what may be and what lies ahead!!!


Life is what YOU make of it, YOU are Never stuck unless you allow it!!! Take a Deep Breath, Exhale, Smile and Tell Yourself You CAN DO ANYTHING, You CAN SUCCEED, You ARE A GREAT PERSON, You WILL OVERCOME ANYTHING!!! Believe in YOURSELF, be Positive and Never Give Up on Yourself or on others!!!

20150401-124256.jpgNEVER give up, NEVER lose hope……Here’s to New Beginnings Wonderful Day, Week, Month & Year, I hope you all reach for the stars and grasp each New Day as a New Beginning for great things to happen!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson