I AM ENOUGH….   WE are all ENOUGH….    we are ALL different, we ALL have our own unique qualities, we ALL have our own faults….   WE are ALL, ENOUGH…….sometimes we just have to look past all of the negatives in our lives, the negatives of others and the negatives that lie within.


We need to realize that “we are ENOUGH” and that we can endure and conquer whatever comes our way….    do NOT let the negativity of others bring you down, you are far better than anyone knows or sees….    WE are ALL,  ENOUGH….  we can all be Happy despite anything that life throws our way!  Not everything that happens in life is Positive.  But, there is Always Positives in our everyday lives and something to be thankful for!!  In Life I have learned that there are so many people whom try to bring us down due to their own unhappiness, due to them being jealous and many other reasons unrelated to me whom they are attacking…..    once I learned that I AM ENOUGH despite what anyone else says my life has been Happier, I can get on with my life for me, I am unstoppable and can and will succeed at whatever I choose to do, I believe in myself……  WE are ALL ENOUGH…….. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson


YOU are good enough…..we all are

YOU, ME, Everyone…….WE are all good enough so believe in yourself! Love yourself as others do. The right people, the important people will Love you for who you are, both inside and out…unconditionally.  

Have you fallen out of love with yourself, do you doubt yourself, is your inner self telling you your not good enough or ugly, are there lies from within, are you ashamed of any part of whom you’ve become?!?! 

KNOCK it OFF!!! You are better, you deserve better so stop beating yourself up and start learning to LOVE Yourself again!!!! 

 You are better and you know it, internally you will begin to fix the pain that others never see but that you feel!! You are better, you deserve better than what your inner self is telling you, in fact…YOU are so much more than anyone could ever tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE BETTER, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE than you give yourself credit for!! 

KNOCK it OFF, pick up the pieces, readjust yourself, learn to be happy and love yourself again!!   What others think of YOU should be based on whom you really are, your true self inside and out….the person that you yourself love and are happy with, the person you are most proud to be, the person that really lies within…..YOU and only YOU know who you really are, YOU know deep inside you are BETTER, you are ENOUGH!!! 

 Remember who you are, not what others want, not what you think others want you be…..Be who YOU are, whom your meant to be, whom you can be proud of!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson