Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….what do you see around you, within you???

What a beautiful morning!!  Fresh snow across the way on the Virgin Mountains as we had some rain yesterday afternoon and throughout the night as cooler temps are back this week but only temporarily.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you cannot appreciate and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you and that is within your life then why are you still where you are?  Why not change things?  Why not love the life you have no matter where you are, no matter what you may be going through?  Why not look for the positives that highlight the beautiful blessings that make life more bearable?


This is YOUR Life, YOU are the director and YOU are the one in control of yourself, your attitude and your own Happiness.  Life isn’t always easy but your choices make up your Life….  So, Live Your Life to be Happier, Appreciate what you have wherever you are…. Your Life, Your Choices……  In case you need a hug and even if you don’t want one, I am sending Big Cyber Hugs & Lotsa Luv from Me 2 ALL of U … Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….Robin Robinson


It is a beautiful day because YOU make it beautiful…..

Good Morning!!  It is yet another beautiful day….it is a beautiful day because YOU make it beautiful!! 😊


It is a beautiful day because you choose to let it be and choose to see it as a beautiful day.  Today is also a beautiful day because YOU make it beautiful, you are a beautiful person, you have a beautiful soul, you have inner beauty far better than anyone can see and more beauty than you yourself allow you to feel.  YOU are Beautiful…..  Lots of Hugs & Much Luvin’s from me to You…..  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

You are all Beautiful with a Beautiful Soul……Believe nothing less!!!

Good Morning my Family, my Friends.  You are all Beautiful in different ways and each and every one of you has a Beautiful Soul!!!  

Don’t let the negatives of “Life” or the negatives of others steal your Happiness…….  Beauty and Happiness come from within so, “be Who YOU are, Be True to Yourself”………

Ignore anyone that makes you feel less than the Great Person that you are!!  Good Morning to all the Beautiful Souls out there!!  You are Beautiful, You have a Beautiful Souls…..Believe Nothing Less!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson



Friday Friday Friday ……… Happy Happy Happy ……… 


We are ALL unique and beautiful inside and out!!!!


Be Happy…..Be Yourself…..Appreciate the Little Things in Life…..

Love your Family & Friends…..Learn from your Mistakes…..

Be Proud of Who YOU Are!!!! 😊

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Monday…….Be Happy Inside and Out…….

20150427-071426.jpgGood Monday Morning!!!

The sun is partially shining, there’s clouds all around and yet the birds are still happy and chirping away!!!!

We are ALL Beautiful on the Inside, don’t EVER let anyone steal your Happiness or your Inner Beauty……do NOT let your Inner Self doubt the Beauty that you hold within!!!!!!


We ALL have the CHOICE to be Happy, to Move on From the Past, to do Better, to be Better, to Succeed and Rise Above all of Lifes Challenges, but ONLY if we CHOOSE to do so!!!

Sometimes, it is hard to stay away from Negative people and Negative thoughts that run through our head.  It is however, the CHOICES that we make in Every situation that affect our own ATTITUDE!!  If we allow the Negative in, we become sad, angry, bitter and have trouble enjoying some of the best things in Life and we often stay stuck in the past and on things we have no control over and cannot change…..but if we allow ourselves to be Positive, we become happier, see things differently, stress less, and enjoy more of what Life has to offer and end up Happier Inside and Out!!!

😊 Be Happy and Stay Positive……….Take a Deep Breath………..              Put a Great Big Smile on your Face………..Relax and have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts…………Robin Robinson