Positivity – Good for You and those around you….

Hello!!!  Hello hello hello!!!  Life is complicated, Life is ever changing but with some Positivity Life can be easier to deal with for us and for those around us.  Positivity isn’t always easy and can sometimes be hard, but finding the good in every situation, finding the good within your Life and being Positive despite any issues makes Life so much easier, more pleasant and it most definitely helps those around you as well.


I know that I am always blabbing about happy positive things but I too struggle just like everyone else at times.  I try to live by the words that I write and believe, but I too, am human…….negativity, pissy attitude and angry bitterness sometimes surface and rear it’s ugly head until I realize how I’m being or someone points it out!!  LoL  Sometimes, we ALL need a reminder of our negativity and that things aren’t as bad as they seem.  Sometimes, we need a time out and to take a deep breath and take a moment to realize why we are feeling this way and to think about “does it really matter tomorrow and will me being like this really help the situation in any way or just make it worse and negative on others whom often have nothing to do with the way I’m feeling or is there even a reason for me to be upset at this situation”?!?!?!  😊  Positivity isn’t always easy, but Positivity makes Life easier.  I hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of Positives surrounding you!!  Great Big Hugs and Lots of Luv from me to you!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson


You are all Beautiful with a Beautiful Soul……Believe nothing less!!!

Good Morning my Family, my Friends.  You are all Beautiful in different ways and each and every one of you has a Beautiful Soul!!!  

Don’t let the negatives of “Life” or the negatives of others steal your Happiness…….  Beauty and Happiness come from within so, “be Who YOU are, Be True to Yourself”………

Ignore anyone that makes you feel less than the Great Person that you are!!  Good Morning to all the Beautiful Souls out there!!  You are Beautiful, You have a Beautiful Souls…..Believe Nothing Less!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson

YOU are good enough…..we all are

YOU, ME, Everyone…….WE are all good enough so believe in yourself! Love yourself as others do. The right people, the important people will Love you for who you are, both inside and out…unconditionally.  

Have you fallen out of love with yourself, do you doubt yourself, is your inner self telling you your not good enough or ugly, are there lies from within, are you ashamed of any part of whom you’ve become?!?! 

KNOCK it OFF!!! You are better, you deserve better so stop beating yourself up and start learning to LOVE Yourself again!!!! 

 You are better and you know it, internally you will begin to fix the pain that others never see but that you feel!! You are better, you deserve better than what your inner self is telling you, in fact…YOU are so much more than anyone could ever tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE BETTER, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE than you give yourself credit for!! 

KNOCK it OFF, pick up the pieces, readjust yourself, learn to be happy and love yourself again!!   What others think of YOU should be based on whom you really are, your true self inside and out….the person that you yourself love and are happy with, the person you are most proud to be, the person that really lies within…..YOU and only YOU know who you really are, YOU know deep inside you are BETTER, you are ENOUGH!!! 

 Remember who you are, not what others want, not what you think others want you be…..Be who YOU are, whom your meant to be, whom you can be proud of!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson



Friday Friday Friday ……… Happy Happy Happy ……… 


We are ALL unique and beautiful inside and out!!!!


Be Happy…..Be Yourself…..Appreciate the Little Things in Life…..

Love your Family & Friends…..Learn from your Mistakes…..

Be Proud of Who YOU Are!!!! 😊

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson