I AM ENOUGH….   WE are all ENOUGH….    we are ALL different, we ALL have our own unique qualities, we ALL have our own faults….   WE are ALL, ENOUGH…….sometimes we just have to look past all of the negatives in our lives, the negatives of others and the negatives that lie within.


We need to realize that “we are ENOUGH” and that we can endure and conquer whatever comes our way….    do NOT let the negativity of others bring you down, you are far better than anyone knows or sees….    WE are ALL,  ENOUGH….  we can all be Happy despite anything that life throws our way!  Not everything that happens in life is Positive.  But, there is Always Positives in our everyday lives and something to be thankful for!!  In Life I have learned that there are so many people whom try to bring us down due to their own unhappiness, due to them being jealous and many other reasons unrelated to me whom they are attacking…..    once I learned that I AM ENOUGH despite what anyone else says my life has been Happier, I can get on with my life for me, I am unstoppable and can and will succeed at whatever I choose to do, I believe in myself……  WE are ALL ENOUGH…….. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Much Luv and Hugs to ALL you wonderful people!!!  YOU are Wonderful, Beautiful/Handsome and Amazing…..Be true to yourself and Happy because you want to be!!😄


Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………..Robin Robinson

Don’t Just Exist, LIVE and Take Chances…..

We ALL take little Chances everyday with this or that and often do not think of them as Chances taken. There are times within our lives no matter how young or old we are that Big Chances present themselves in one way or another. These Chances can be scary….can be completely out of your comfort zone….can be big life changes….can impact our own or someone else’s life greatly….and these chances can be the best Chance we have Ever taken!!!

In order to get Ahead in Life….In order to Achieve Goals in Life….In order to See what Life has to Offer….In order to Experience More that Life has to Offer, you first HAVE to be willing to take CHANCES!!! Live with NO REGRETS, TAKE CHANCES, BE HAPPY and TRY NEW THINGS!! Don’t just LIVE, EXIST and Take Chances, Follow Your Dreams and Try New Things!!!

Life can be a big bad scary place…YOU have the choice of the Easy Route or the Tougher Route of Taking Chances…you can curl up and let life pass you by…you can keep being miserable…you can let fear overcome you…you can choose to be stuck in the same place…OR…you can Choose to try something new…you can Choose to get out of your comfort zone…you can Choose to go for what you want…you can choose to better your life…you can fight through your fears…you can choose to change your life.

No One and Nothing in Life is Ever Perfect but Every Life is as Perfect as You Make It!! Take A Chance once in awhile, you never know what may happen unless you Take that Chance!!

I am personally Grateful for the Chances that have been taken throughout my Life that have lead me to where I am today. Some Chances were Scary, some Chances were big and Life Changing, some Chances didn’t work out but I have learned from every mistake (at least I hope so) and I am Blessed to have such Wonderful Family and Friends whom Love Me and Support me no matter what!! Good Luck to Each and Everyone of You and Much Luv to Ya All!!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Sunday Thoughts….

Happy Sunday everyone…..wishing you all a wonderful day surrounded by happiness.  Everyday is a New Opportunity, a New Beginning, a New Day to leave the negatives behind and to work towards your Goals, your Dreams and to embrace your blessings. We ALL have Choices…so if one choice doesn’t work out, that’s ok! You have the ability to make another Choice, choose what you believe will make you happiest…..make Choices for YOU and not what you think others want you to choose!    Choose to be Happy, Choose to be Great, Choose to follow your Dreams, Choose to Enjoy and Live Life to Fullest!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson

Believe in YOURSELF, do what is right for YOU!

Do WHAT you believe is right for you, follow your heart, follow your hopes & dreams!! Many will try to discourage you, you may fail and stumble along the way….DON’T GIVE UP…..DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!!
Believe, Believe whole-heartedly in yourself and what you are trying to achieve! Have an incredible day and weekend!! Sending you ALL Love & Hugs from the road somewhere in Wisconsin!!😊. #believeinyourself #followyourdreams #followyourheart #dowhatsrightforyou #bewhoyouaremeanttobe #dontlistentonegativepeople #livedontjustexist 

No Regrets, Go For It

What a beautiful day once again!! LIVE with NO Regrets…take a leap and get out of your “comfort zone”…..try things you’ve always wanted to, go places, take chances!!! Will it always work out like you think, probably not…..will you always enjoy it, probably not….sometimes you may enjoy it more than you could have imagined and sometimes one thing leads to more great things……GO FOR IT, at least you can say you gave it a try, at least you can scratch it off of your bucket list.  YOU will never ever know until you try. Things always tend to work out how they are meant to be but if you don’t at least try you’ll never know….NO REGRETS and who cares what anyone else thinks!!! Stop worrying about what others think!!!  Do stuff for Yourself, Stop putting yourself down and fearing the unknown…..take a deep breath, put a smile on you face and start ping after what you want and if your already trying, Good Job, keep it up!! Never Stop Trying, Never Stop Believing and NEVER Give Up On Your Dreams!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Don’t forget to LIVE your Life….

LIVE Your Life!!! Don’t just live day by day getting wrapped up in the daily grind…..LIVE day by day enjoying more of what surrounds you, looking and dreaming of what the future holds, LIVE your life trying and doing things you’ve always wanted to do, get out of your comfort zone a little and go for it!!!!  
We ALL are guilty of getting wrapped up in our everyday lives and more concerned with what others think that all too often we forget to LIVE our lives for “Ourselves”!! 

Life slips by so fast….don’t forget to Enjoy what you already have while working towards your dreams and goals….don’t forget to cherish the moments with your loved ones as they wont always be here….don’t forget to take a little time for yourself while caring for others….don’t let yourself get wrapped up in worrying what others think as ultimately they are not living your life and YOU are in control of your Happiness so do not let them control your inner you!! 

LIVE your Life and enjoy every moment!!! Wishing and Sending you all just as much Happiness, Smiles, Love & Hugs that I can…..Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson