My oh my oh what a Glorious Day…..Zippety doo dah…….

Zippety doo dah……My oh my oh what a glorious day today shall be!!  Each and every day is a Brand New Day, a New Day for new beginnings, a New Day to try new things, a New Day to make it better than the last, a New Day because yesterday is already in the past so forget about the broken pieces of yesterday they are done and over with!!

Zippety doo dah….Today is another day!!!  Cherish your family and friends, do what makes you happy, keep your attitude in check because you have a choice to be happy or grumpy…….NEVER stop believing in yourself and your abilities, NEVER stop dreaming in your hopes and dreams!!!  Today is only as good as you make it…..sending a Big Smile your way, a Hug just in case you need it and Happy Thoughts for a wonderful day!!!  Zippety doo day Zippety Yay!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


MONDAY…as good as you make it

Happy Happy Monday Everyone!!! Today is YOURS to make of it what you will…..Today may NOT be perfect but you can still make the most of it…..Today IS as Good or Bad as YOU allow it to be!! Be Positive, Enjoy Life, Find the Good Within Your Life, Do What Makes You Happy & Never Give Up on Your Hopes & Dreams😊 Happy Monday Everyone…I hope this little message finds you well today!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

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What a wonderful day today shall be…….

What a wonderful Thursday today shall be!!!

Yesterday was interesting, stressing over High School Graduation for our middle son this Saturday…..small altercation with a grumpy man because I was apparently parked in his unmarked, unassigned parking spot and then I broke a little glass bowl while cooking and not paying attention……so TODAY will be much better!! 20150604-084827.jpg


One has to laugh,

One has to smile,

And one has to stay positive in every situation!!!

Even if it is laughing at yourself and your current issues!!!!

20150604-084905.jpgDon’t let the negative attitude of others……

Don’t let the negatives of life in general get you down!!


YOU are better, deserve better and can achieve so much with the right attitude!!! Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson