YOU are AMAZING….believe that!!!

Good Morning you amazing people!!  Today is another day for whatever you allow it to be.  img_20180530_054200_5338587177402818518302.jpg

YOU are a wonderful person inside and out so let yourself shine and allow others to see the real you, the amazing and exceptional YOU!

🙂Put a smile on your face and tackle the day with confidence that today will be a great day!!  YOU hold the power, YOU can do it!!!  Hugs & Luvs 2 U All .. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….Robin Robinson



It is up to US…it is up to YOU…it is up to ME to determine how we let life affect us…..

Good Morning!!!!  Oh what a wonderful day today shall be……..Your day is what YOU make of it!  You can Be Happy and full of smiles just because you want to be.  BE Positive and find the good in every situation……..


Life is meant to have many challenges both within ourselves and in the world surrounding us.  It is up to US…it is up to YOU…it is up to ME to make the best out of whatever Life throws our way.


It is up to US…it is up to YOU…it is up to ME to make any changes that are needed for a better way of life and to decide how we let anything and everything affect us!!!


WE hold the Power Within Ourselves to Change any and ALL unhappiness that lies within……..make changes that make you Happier, that work towards achieving your hopes and dreams… NOT allow yourself to be swallowed in the negativity that constantly surrounds us.  I hope you ALL have a most Wonderful Day!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

It is just another day, good or bad……

Good Morning!!  No matter what today may bring you, it is simply just another day.  So when you are struggling or when someone else is being grumpy and rude towards you remember that it is just another day and you may NOT know what their struggles are just as they likely do NOT know yours so try to be compassionate and considerate to others as there is always someone with far worse troubles than you at any given time……

  • For some, today is just another day.
  • For some today may be a little tough, tears may run and memories may overflow as they say Goodbye.
  • For some it is just another day.
  • For some it may be full of joy, laughter and good times as they say Hello.
  • For some it is just another day.


It Is Just Another Day, good or bad.  I simply want to say “Hello and Good Morning” to you ALL and I hope you have as good of a day as possible.  Big Hugs & Lots of Luv 2 U All  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Monday…….Be Happy Inside and Out…….

20150427-071426.jpgGood Monday Morning!!!

The sun is partially shining, there’s clouds all around and yet the birds are still happy and chirping away!!!!

We are ALL Beautiful on the Inside, don’t EVER let anyone steal your Happiness or your Inner Beauty……do NOT let your Inner Self doubt the Beauty that you hold within!!!!!!


We ALL have the CHOICE to be Happy, to Move on From the Past, to do Better, to be Better, to Succeed and Rise Above all of Lifes Challenges, but ONLY if we CHOOSE to do so!!!

Sometimes, it is hard to stay away from Negative people and Negative thoughts that run through our head.  It is however, the CHOICES that we make in Every situation that affect our own ATTITUDE!!  If we allow the Negative in, we become sad, angry, bitter and have trouble enjoying some of the best things in Life and we often stay stuck in the past and on things we have no control over and cannot change…..but if we allow ourselves to be Positive, we become happier, see things differently, stress less, and enjoy more of what Life has to offer and end up Happier Inside and Out!!!

😊 Be Happy and Stay Positive……….Take a Deep Breath………..              Put a Great Big Smile on your Face………..Relax and have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts…………Robin Robinson