Blessings…we ALL have them

What a beautiful sunrise once again as I sit here enjoying my morning coffee working away on my laptop.  I cannot help but be Grateful for all of the many things I’ve been able to see and do, for all of the wonderful people in my life past and present and for all of the blessings I have been given………..

NO Matter what our struggles are today, tomorrow or down the road……try to remember the good things within your life, the little things that matter and mean the most and not dwell on the negatives and materialistic things that don’t really matter in the end!!  Life’s too short to be miserable and negative…..

I choose to look for the Best in People and for the Best within my own life….I choose to do my best to be a better person daily (not always easy) and I choose to enjoy as much of what life has to offer as much as possible (despite any challenges thrown my way)!!!  I know it’s Monday but I hope YOU ALL have a most wonderful day!!  Big hugs and Luv 2 U All 😊  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Morning….Are you grumpy?!?!

Good Morning!! Are you GRUMPY today?!?!?? Well, if you are…KNOCK IT OFF!!! No one deserves your negativity including yourself!! Put a smile on your face, look at the Positives within your Life and make the decision to be Nice and Happy to yourself and others….it makes Life easier and more enjoyable!!!Sending LUV to you ALL 😊……hope you all have a Good Day!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Choices & Living……Are you in the Positive or Negative choices and thoughts?

What a beautiful cloudy morning!!  Everything is so peaceful, the birds are chirping and fighting over taking turns on the feeder and water dish (except when I disturb them). The sun has risen but yet remains hidden behind the clouds and there’s chances of thunderstorms over the next few days but that’s okay as its still a beautiful day!!
Do NOT stay stuck in the past or in the negatives….often we get wrapped up in these instead of focusing on the Good things within our lives and all of the positives that surround us…..DO enjoy your life, what you have and what is yet ahead and leave the past behind!

Do NOT compare your life or be envious of others…..often we see what others have or what others are doing and we get jealous or resentful at the fact it isn’t us and we forget that these things are only things, they do not define us and everyone has their own struggles despite what anyone else sees from afar…..DO embrace Your life and all of your blessings for there is only ONE unique YOU, Life is what you make of it and Life is meant to be lived differently by each and everyone of us!  
YOU and ONLY YOU have the choice on how you choose to Live, how you choose to embrace your Life and how you choose to make choices that direct your way of Living……….
Are you in the Positive or Negative choices and thoughts?  I hope my little thoughts this morning help at least one of you whom may be struggling to realize that there is more to Life than being stuck and and hopefully you realize that YOU truly are Uniquely Blessed!!! Luv and hugs to you all 😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Monday…….Be Happy Inside and Out…….

20150427-071426.jpgGood Monday Morning!!!

The sun is partially shining, there’s clouds all around and yet the birds are still happy and chirping away!!!!

We are ALL Beautiful on the Inside, don’t EVER let anyone steal your Happiness or your Inner Beauty……do NOT let your Inner Self doubt the Beauty that you hold within!!!!!!


We ALL have the CHOICE to be Happy, to Move on From the Past, to do Better, to be Better, to Succeed and Rise Above all of Lifes Challenges, but ONLY if we CHOOSE to do so!!!

Sometimes, it is hard to stay away from Negative people and Negative thoughts that run through our head.  It is however, the CHOICES that we make in Every situation that affect our own ATTITUDE!!  If we allow the Negative in, we become sad, angry, bitter and have trouble enjoying some of the best things in Life and we often stay stuck in the past and on things we have no control over and cannot change…..but if we allow ourselves to be Positive, we become happier, see things differently, stress less, and enjoy more of what Life has to offer and end up Happier Inside and Out!!!

😊 Be Happy and Stay Positive……….Take a Deep Breath………..              Put a Great Big Smile on your Face………..Relax and have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts…………Robin Robinson

Good Morning….We ALL have Choices…….


Good Morning…….May you all have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Take a Deep Breath, Smile, keep a Positive Attitude and let the day Begin!!!!!!!!!

Every obstacle can be overcome,

Every negative can be made positive,

Every heartache can be healed.

The Choice is up to YOU!!!!


Good Luck and Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Life….The Road Goes On…….

20150420-063731.jpgLife……..The Road Goes On……..

Life goes on with or without us.

If more people could learn how to Deal with Situations in a more Positive way, Life would be easier.

If more people could learn to Love Unconditionally, Life would be easier.

If more people could learn how to Let Go of their Pain and Forgive, Life would be easier.

If more people could learn to Open Up and Let Others In, Life would be easier.

If more people could learn How to be Happy, Life would be easier!!

Life….The Road Goes On…..Everyday LIFE continues and it is up to us what we do with it!!!

We all have our own struggles and heartaches……….

Everyone reacts, processes and deals with things differently………

We ALL have ONE thing in common……..


We ALL have CHOICES!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson

Monday — Choices, Solutions, Letting Go & Being Happy


What a Beautiful start to a Monday!!!

The sun is shining brightly here in my part of beautiful Montana!!!

It’s Monday again and the path is yours to choose…….


It’s a Brand New Day to keep the negatives away!!!!!

Don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!

There will always be problems……

There will always be obstacles to overcome……

There will always be negative people…..

There will always be worries……

There will always be…………….


Embrace the positives in your life and allow yourself to be HAPPY!!!!

Spread Smiles, Laughter and Happiness everywhere you go!!!!!

LIFE Happens and it’s up to YOU how you Live it!!!

The Choice is YOURS to Fail or Succeed…….

The Choice is YOURS to be Positive or Negative……

The Choice is YOURS to Let Go or to Stay Stuck in the Past…….

The Choice is YOURS!!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson