Monday Positives from Me to You!!!!

Good Monday Morning!!!!😃  I just cannot help myself!!  I am who I am and I would prefer to be known for my annoying Positive Attitude, my Positive Outlook on Life, the Smile on my Face, my cheery demeanor for annoying people, for my weird and smarty pants ways and for wanting nothing more than the best for everyone and for often caring too much, because I am who I am!!

Besides, it’s much better than being grumpy and bitter towards people and the world…negativity only brings more misery and who wants that?!?!??  NOT ME!! 😃

So, be Happy and Enjoy life more!!!  Find what makes you Happy!!  Discover how to be Happy and Smile even when times are tough…Realize that negativity consumes and Positivity Radiates!!!  Happy Monday Everyone!!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….Robin Robinson


Hello Monday & Hello November

Hello Monday and Hello November!!!  
Sending you all Positive Vibes for a Positive Day, Week & Month!!! How quickly time passes, how easily we lose precious time with loved ones, how suddenly things can change  
…….slow down, take time to look at you surroundings, take time to appreciate your loved ones, take time for yourself and take time to realize and be grateful for ALL of your blessings both big and small.  
Having a Positive Mental Attitude will help you overcome any obstacles and can make the struggles of everyday life easier. Everything in life is temporary so enjoy it, be happy and find the good in everything… deserve it!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson