• Live Your Life to the Fullest as Best You Can with No Regrets……
  • We ALL have our Ups & Downs…
  • We ALL have our Good Days & our Bad Days…
  • We ALL have our run of Bad Luck & our run of Good Luck….
  • We ALL have different lives that we live, none of us are exactly the same, none of us has been through what the other has had to endure and go through…..


  • We are ALL human…
  • We ALL have our own issues and none of us is perfect…
  • We ALL should NOT judge others or hold them up higher or lower than ourselves…
  • ALL of our lives are different…
  • ALL of our choices are different…
  • ALL of our successes are different…
  • ALL of our failures are different…
  • ALL of our issues are different!!


The ONLY thing in life that you can truly control is yourself…..Life is going to happen no matter what as it always keeps going, even without us.  Don’t get caught up and stuck in the Past or in the Negatives.  Life is meant to be LIVED, to be enjoyed……it is a journey and a much better and easier journey when we start to look at the positives and concentrate on ourselves and doing what is best for us…for our own happiness…for our own sanity.  Good luck, YOU can do it, YOU can do anything…  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson



Wednesday, a good day to have a great day……

☀️Good Morning!!  Good Morning!!  Good Morning!!!  I personally think Morning arrived way too soon but, it is yet a Good Morning anyhow!!


Today shall be a good day turned into a great day!!  I believe that’s what today shall be!!  I am thinking positively and positively thinking it!! 😊 Happy Wednesday everyone…may you all have a Great Day!!! Hugs & Luvins’ from me to you!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

What shall today bring?!?!

Ahhh, it is yet another day!!  What shall today bring?!?!  What will you Choose today, negativity or positivity?!?!?!


I think today shall be smiles and laughter with a side of positivity!! 😊  Yep, I do believe that’s what today shall bring!! Big Hugs & Luvs from me to all of you… Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Tossing and Turning… it exercise?!

Tossing and Turning…..Tossing and Turning, shouldn’t it be considered exercise?!??  LoL  GOOD MORNING once again as Morning is here wether we like it or not!!

Personally, I would rather be sound asleep dreaming of happy things and all nicely tucked under the covers but unfortunately my brain, body and bladder have other ideas!!  Oh well, might as well start my day with a smile, a positive attitude and some coffee!!  I shall sit outside and watch the sunrise once again….. Good Morning and I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!! Hugs & Luvs  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Monday Morning Reminder….

Awe….Monday once again.  Today is as good as you make it and allow it to be!!  Monday is just another day so make it great, make it a happy day in a negative world.  Here is a Monday Morning Reminder that you are absolutely Amazing and can handle anything and everything thrown your way!!


Sending you all some wonderful positive vibes on this Monday!! May you have a great day and may you find reasons to smile and reasons to laugh no matter how the day around you is going!! 😃  Live, Laugh, Love and look for the good in every day!!  Sending extra hugs to anyone needing one and lots of luvins’ to you all!!! 🤗  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Happy Friday….find the good….

Good Morning!!!  It’s as dark as could be once again with the stars shining brightly, no sunrise in sight just yet as my young old age keeps waking me WAY too early!!  It was a cool 59* this morning at 4:50am.


Happy Friday and may you all have a most wonderful day!!  Today is going to be GREAT because you are going to find the good in it, you shall smile and laugh a little extra and you shall realize how truly blessed you are!!  Choose to be happier and choose how you shall react to the negatives of every day!!  Happy Friday Everyone!!  Big Hugs & Lots of Love to you all ….. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson