You Only Live Once, This Is Not A Rehearsal……

Y.O.L.O……You Only Live Once.  Opportunities come along every day.  We either seize them and take the opportunity or we choose to let it slip away and choose to try it another day in hopes we will have the opportunity again.  But, WILL that exact same opportunity present itself in the future or is this opportunity one of the ones that’s once in a lifetime?!?!

Often, Opportunities are exciting and yet scary at the same time because it may mean making sacrifices, it may mean getting out of your comfort zone, it may mean taking a chance on something that is still not guaranteed, it may mean so many things both hard and easy but it may also be exactly the opportunity you’ve been waiting and hoping for…. CHOICES, CHANCES & CHANGES are what it takes!!  Don’t take Opportunities for granted!  You Only Live Once so you might as well enjoy it….Live YOUR life to the fullest and take every Opportunity that you can!!  Don’t  live with regrets or I wish I would have’s, Life can end and Life can change in the blink of an eye…….  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson


A fine Sunday……….


Today, today is a fine Sunday that may not be sunny but that shouldn’t and cannot affect your Happiness or Attitude!!! 😊


There’s SO much & so many things to be Thankful for!!!

Be Happy,

Be Positive,

Be Grateful,

Be Kind,

Enjoy Everyday Regardless!!!! 😊


Everyday may NOT be easy,

But Everyday can be conquered,

Everyday is an opportunity to change things,

And Everyday is a day to see things differently!!!


It is up to YOU how you live everyday………..

Live how you want to………

Enjoy what Life has to offer,

Never stop Believing and reach for more!!!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………..Robin Robinson

A Positive Attitude…


A Positive Attitude…….We ALL have it within US and we ALL have the Ability to change our Outlook on Life!!!  A Positive Attitude is NOT always easy and sometimes takes a lot of work but the rewards of a Positive Attitude are endless…..


A Positive Attitude creates a better atmosphere, a better mental attitude, more happiness, more opportunities……..a Positive Attitude makes life easier to deal with…….here’s to wishing you a Great Positive Attitude this fine Day and throughout the Year!!!

Thank you for reading my thought…….Robin Robinson

A New Opportunity…..


A New Day, A New Week, A New Opportunity……..

The New Opportunity to do what makes you Happy, to make your Own Choices, to make your Own Mistakes, to Reach for Your Hopes & Dreams, to Succeed……..


Everyday is a New Opportunity to………

Experience New Adventures, to Share Your Life with Others, to be Living Your Life, to be Happy……


DO what feels Right for YOU!!!

Even if it ends up not turning out it was YOUR Choice and what you felt was Right at the Time!!!

Choose to be Happy, Live Life & Enjoy Precious Moments…..

I hope you embrace the New Opportunities that are before you Everyday!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Happiness & Success…..Letting go of the Past

Happiness & Success are up to you…..through all the struggles and wrong turns LEARN, GROW & PERSEVERE!!! Let go of what has happened in the past, it is done and over with and creates bitterness & negativity!

20150224-174336.jpgDo NOT allow the past and negatives to consume you, do NOT get stuck in the past, do NOT dwell on what has already happened, do NOT over think and beat yourself up about things that you cannot change or take back!!

20150224-175023.jpgLetting go creates more opportunities within you, more opportunities to grow, to give you strength from what you’ve learned and been through, it gives you a sense of relief and does your heart and soul good…….Happiness is up to you, Letting Go is up to you, Being a Better Person is up to you…..DO NOT Blame others as the choice is all YOURS……..Hope you have a wonderful day!! Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson 😊

Monday, New Week..New Opportunities…

A New Week for New Opportunities!!!! Opportunities to share love, happiness and hugs….another opportunity to fix the wrongs in your life and to work on forgiveness….

20150216-103358.jpgForgiveness within yourself and towards others creates more room for love and happiness….it helps to drive away the negativity in your life and helps you become a better person!!!

20150216-103636.jpgForgive for YOURSELF, one step at a time, one day at a time and on your own terms……….Progress may be slow and painful but NEVER give up, never lose hope and NEVER lose sight of the happiness and healing from within that forgiveness creates!!!

20150216-104120.jpgI hope EVERYONE has a wonderfully blessed week!!! Robin Robinson😊