Two Choices Every Morning, what do you choose?!?!

Good Morning!!😊  It is going to be yet another beautiful and sunny day!!    Follow your dreams, never give up!!  It does NO good complaining and saying “I wish I had“……  If you want something do whatever it takes to achieve it!! Where there’s a Will there’s a Way!!  It may take awhile to achieve, but NEVER GIVE UP!!!  Two Choices Every Morning…what do you choose?!?!


Life is more meaningful day by day when you have a purpose that you are working towards!!  Each step towards your goal is an achievement, just do it and go for it!!  You’re Never to old and you’ll never be this young again either!!  Don’t just Exist…Live and do the things you’ve always wanted to!! 😊  YOUR Dreams and Goals will Never be achieved unless you try…..  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


3 C’s – Choices, Chances, Changes

Good Morning!!!  This saying is very very true as all too often we find ourselves Stuck because it is safe……..we are afraid to make a Choice, to take a Chance therefore, things never really Change!!


In order for things to Change within ourselves and within our lives we have to take Chances and make Choices in order for Changes to happen!!  Don’t just “Play It Safe”!! DO the things you want to do and SEE the things you want to see…….  If YOU are ‘Un-Happy” make Changes, take Chances and make Choices for yourself and your Happiness……

If YOU are struggling in any way it is up to You to make a Change to take a Chance to Change Your Life!!  Life slips by so easily and fast all on it’s own so why not take chances, make different choices and change some things because Life is going to happen whether you take the Easy and Stuck path or the unknown of the C’s…Choices, Chances & Changes and live a little on the Wild Side!!!  YOU are NEVER to Young or too Old to make changes!!  Hope you have a wonderful day today, in the future and Good Luck with the 3 C’s……YOU can do it!!!  Great Big Hugs & Luv 2 U All, Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Friday Golf @ The Ranch Club – April 10, 2015

Friday Golf

The Ranch Club in Missoula, Montana.  A beautiful Golf Course no matter what time of year…….. if it’s open to play life is beautiful!!! Of course, it’s early yet and everything is just starting to green up and grow so finding your ball is much easier if you happen to hit it in the rough or if you hit it into the water you may have a chance to find it as the water levels are low (I lose less golf balls this time of year)!!



Not the best picture but I was glad to be out in the fresh air even though it wasn’t shorts and tank top weather just yet……..upper 50’s with an occasional chilly wind off and on that included the clouds hiding the warm beautiful bright sunshine!!

I even took a couple of photos of my husband and his work partner as proof that they usually DO work while out on the course!!!! They took a conference call while playing and this is NOT the first time and I’m sure that it will NOT be the last!!! My husband does it more often than not…..why ruin the chance to be outside enjoying life?!?  I’m just lucky enough that most of what he does can be done from anywhere in the world!!!!



The next few pictures are of ones of our dear friend Gordon “Gordy” who has now golfed twice in 3 months!!! It has been 7+ years since he last golfed and he is loving it and hating it at the same time as he is very rusty but is starting to get the feel of it once again!!! He was with us in Mesquite, NV when we golfed Wolf Creek Golf Club this past February (beautiful course and highly recommend if in the area).  Gordy swears he is going to be practicing back home in Billings, MT so he can be better once again like he use to be and more confident and relaxed on the course.


Hitting onto the green and rolling towards the pin……


Looking back at the guys to make sure they saw his shot that ended up about 3 ft. from the hole and the closest one of us all!!!

It was WONDERFUL to see him so happy and excited at his great shot!!!  Good job Gordy……..I was lucky enough to be capturing it for him to share with his family that is still in shock that he is golfing again at 63 years young!!!!!



Oh Yeah……FIST PUMP!!!!!!!!!

Happy Face…..Happy Strut!!!!

If any of you find yourselves in or near Missoula, Montana I highly suggest The Ranch Club Golf Course!!!! It is a public course so anyone can golf it…….it is challenging for most and a few holes can be easy if your on your “A Game” otherwise you will be with the rest of us and just enjoying the course regardless of your score!!!!!

The Food is wonderful regardless of what you like…..the Chef brings fresh new ideas that are always yummy and the menu is always updated with new exciting dishes so we never get bored with the same old food!!  Very Fresh and tantalizing on the taste buds………everything has always been good!!!!

The Beverages are as simple or intricate as you like……..huckleberry lemonade (with or without alcohol but with real huckleberries is one of my favorites), they have seasonal specials, beer, wine and a fully stocked bar as well as many non-alcoholic options as well for adults or the kids!!!20150412-081600.jpg

This course is VERY kid and family friendly as they host and have several events throughout the year from Holidays to just because…… are often seen practicing, golfing and eating here as well as enjoying their other amenities!!!

The Staff at The Ranch Club have always been courteous, accommodating, friendly and a pure pleasure to be around!!!

Happy Golfing and Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Time for Yourself…..Hopes & Dreams

Take some time for yourself, trust yourself & do what you feel and believe is right for YOU!!!!

To be Happy you have to remember to take time for Yourself and to take time to work on things You want out of life…….

20150302-212854.jpgDon’t forget to take care of yourself…….be happy…….do things that you love…….never give up on your Hopes and Dreams…….and above all…..Be Yourself and Live Life!!!

You’re NEVER too old, it’s NEVER too late for new or modified dreams and goals!!!

20150302-213637.jpg Take time for Yourself……..Take time to work on and to achieve your Hopes & Dreams……..

Don’t let life slip by without enjoy it to the fullest………..

Thank You for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Another Day…….Goal(s)

CONGRATULATIONS to us ALL!!!! 🎉 We’ve survived…today is another day so make it count!!! Do something for Yourself!!!

Take today to make a New Goal or to re-evaluate your Goals if you haven’t done so recently. You’re never too old and it’s never too late!!

Maybe a GOAL for ……
Eating healthier,
Doing one thing within a year that you’ve always wanted to do,
Pampering yourself once every couple of months,
Make amends with a loved one,
Taking a specific trip,
Learn how to dance…..

Big or small you can succeed!! Short term or long term!! If it’s a Long Term Goal set smaller ones to work towards reaching the Long Term Goal (ie….save $50-$100 each month by eating out less to save $500 for a trip). By setting Short Term Goals along the way it can help keep you motivated with your success for your Long Term Goal(s)!!

The possibilities are endless but by having at least one GOAL you have something to work towards, to look forward to for YOURSELF!! Even if it’s just the satisfaction internally that you’ve succeeded and it isn’t something anyone else can see!!!

GOOD LUCK!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!😊