Are you Living or Existing?

Today is another day, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet………take a deep breath, exhale with a smile and get yourself mentally ready to take on any challenges that today may bring with a positive attitude!!   

Life’s too short to be negative all the time,
Life’s too short to be bitter,Life’s too short to let others persuade you, Life’s too short to NOT be Happy!!! 

 Life Is Too Short to let it slip away because you’ve allowed yourself to get wrapped up in everyday life and forgotten to LIVE, To Experience, to Follow Your Dreams, to be Happy……….Are you Living and Enjoying Life or are you just Existing and letting your hopes and dreams slip away?!?!?! 
 NEVER stop dreaming, follow your dreams regardless of how long it may take!!! Love yourself, love and embrace your family and friends… is a blessing and tomorrow is never promised!!   
 Love and hugs to you ALL!!! 😃 Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


Hopes & Dreams…..what would you do with the winning Powerball #’s?!?!??

Awe…..the Hopes and Dreams….with the Powerball so high I bet that the majority of you have been thinking and dreaming of what you would do with all that money or even a small portion of it!! 😉 It’s good to hope and dream…… Even if you do NOT buy the winning ticket, remember that you are still very LUCKY and BLESSED with who and what you have in Life……  Be happy with what you have but NEVER stop dreaming and reaching for your goals!!  Good Luck and have a Wonderfully Happy Day!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

You Control Your Happiness….

Good Morning ….  

Being Happy or Staying Sad is completely up to YOU!! No one else is in control of you, your thoughts, your attitude, your behavior …  
YOU and only you hold the power, the key to your Happiness. Never stop Loving, Never stop Believing, Never stop Reaching for your Hopes & Dreams, Never stop Smiling, Never stop Laughing, Never stop Improving Yourself, Never stop Forgiving, Never stop Having Fun, Never stop Moving Forward in Life, Never look Back at the Negatives of the Past!!  

Be GRATEFUL as today is a Brand New Day…..Life is full of Disappointments, Struggles, Temporary Sadness and Negatives, do NOT let it Consume You …… 

Live, Laugh, Love & Be Happy!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Monday….never STOP dreaming, never STOP believing….

Monday Monday🎵bah da bah da da da🎵🎵🎵…. Monday Monday🎵
Monday is here once again… there such a thing as being able to forget what day or week it is? Is there such a thing as losing oneself enough to lose track of time? 

Hmmm…..have I got you thinking and dreaming of how you could possibly lose yourself in a tropical paradise while lying in a hammock or walking along the beach listening to the oceans waves, sipping on a refreshing fruity drink or are you high up on a mountain top with your remote cabin enjoying peace and quiet, wildlife for neighbors, watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets with unobstructed views?!?!  The possibilities are endless…..don’t EVER stop dreaming & setting goals!!! Work towards what you want, set goals to reach your dreams but at the same time be happy and grateful for who you are and what you have!!!    Do NOT lose yourself in the negatives of everyday life, NEVER give up on your hopes & dreams, STOP doubting yourself and your abilities!!!!   START believing in your abilities, ALWAYS work towards your hopes & dreams, DO immerse yourself in the positives of everyday life!!

Be HAPPY and GRATEFUL…..never stop believing and never let anyone steal your dreams!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson