I AM ENOUGH….   WE are all ENOUGH….    we are ALL different, we ALL have our own unique qualities, we ALL have our own faults….   WE are ALL, ENOUGH…….sometimes we just have to look past all of the negatives in our lives, the negatives of others and the negatives that lie within.


We need to realize that “we are ENOUGH” and that we can endure and conquer whatever comes our way….    do NOT let the negativity of others bring you down, you are far better than anyone knows or sees….    WE are ALL,  ENOUGH….  we can all be Happy despite anything that life throws our way!  Not everything that happens in life is Positive.  But, there is Always Positives in our everyday lives and something to be thankful for!!  In Life I have learned that there are so many people whom try to bring us down due to their own unhappiness, due to them being jealous and many other reasons unrelated to me whom they are attacking…..    once I learned that I AM ENOUGH despite what anyone else says my life has been Happier, I can get on with my life for me, I am unstoppable and can and will succeed at whatever I choose to do, I believe in myself……  WE are ALL ENOUGH…….. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

When I’m Quiet….finding humor in every day

For some reason…….For some reason this makes me chuckle and smile a little crooked mischievous smile as somehow I feel a little connection with this meme!!  LoL 😉

You just never know what I’m thinking, what I may say next whether extremely stupid, funny, pertained to nothing being discussed, a good idea or a very bad one, if I am plotting against you in some way to bring laughter and a smile your way or whether I’ve turned to the dark side and am plotting your death..lol….just kidding!!😊  Or am I?!?!😇MwahahaahHaa……LoL….you just never know!!  LoL

Sometimes silence is golden, but NOT always in my case!!👍  Enjoy your day, find things that make you smile and laugh throughout your day as stupid as some of it may be…….it is better to laugh and smile at the world than to look and act like a grouchy old grinch!!  Just my morning thoughts this cloudy partially wet and cool Morning!!  Enjoy the Life you have and find the GOOD in Everyday!!  Much Luv & Hugs 2 U All.  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………Robin Robinson

Call me Crazy, am I being bad?!?! LOL

Call me Crazy….I feel like I am doing something bad because:

  1. I am basking in the Sun sporting a Milwaukee Brewers tank top and my #1 team is the Mariners
  2. I am sitting with my bare-feet up on the table with laptop in my lap and most of you are busy at work
  3. I am drinking coffee out of a Clearas mug enjoying my morning coffee but doing so all by myself as the hubby is in WI working (Clearas =’s work mug)
  4. I am sitting here being lazy when there’s clearly chores and more constructive things I could be doing
  5. I am enjoying myself and my surroundings way too much…….img_9383

LOL…..sometimes I have WAY too much time on my hands which equals too much thinking!!  I hope you all have a little sunshine in your day and have a chance to sit with your feet up for a little Relaxation and You time!!! 😊  Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Hold your head up High….

Morning!!!!!  😃 20150619-051737.jpg

Who you are,

Who you’ve become….

This is all because of what you’ve been through…

Good and Bad.


Hold your head up high……

BE proud of who you are!!!!

Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Love…Give & Receive…..

Love….We Give and we Receive……Cherish the moments that you have, day in and day out….do NOT take it for granted!!!! Though our time here is brief make it count….share love, laughter, smiles, tears and precious memories……..strive to bring happiness to yourself and others!!! Simple acts of kindness, smiles, hugs & I Love You’s are Important!!!

20150217-221129.jpgDo NOT let life swallow you up and bring negativity, bitterness & anger…..

20150217-221241.jpgI for one hope that happiness, smiles and great memories are what I am remembered for…..and maybe for being a weirdo, sentimental, sometimes emotional and yet a one of a kind ME!!! 😃👍 Life is short….Don’t have regrets, Smile, Love & Live life to the fullest!!!! Please appreciate and share Love, Laughter, Happiness and Smiles…….
Thanks for reading my thoughts….Robin Robinson


Losing Touch with Ones Self?!?!

As the New Year has started I have been “Soul Searching”! Have I mentally, physically & spiritually (never been too religious) lost my way? Have I lost my way, have I forgotten and lost who I really am? Have I lost my way and part of who I am?!?!?! I am writing this honestly in hopes to inspire anyone to reach out and find themselves again, to help someone remember who they are and hopefully to show someone that they are NOT alone!!!

I have been so busy with everyday life….raising a family, being a mother, being a wife, being a friend that I may have lost some of “me” along the way as I am being needed less and less now days!!!

I am realizing that I always put everyone else first and myself last!! I want what’s best for everyone both inside and outside of my family! I want everyone to be Happy, Succeed In Life & I want to Please Everyone!!

I have a wonderful husband who has always provided for his family, who has loved me unconditionally through all of our ups and downs in the past 21 years but I have been struggling with inner demons of sorts that’s making me unhappy and feel as though I’ve lost touch with some of “ME”!!!! I feel it is starting to affect my family a little, I feel they can sense I’m Not as “Happy” as I usually am!!!

1. Is it the fear of losing my family as they are all growing up…our oldest is on his own, our middle graduates in June and heads into the Marines and our youngest graduates in 2 1/2 years and is heading into the military.

2. Is it that my husband is making plans for our future….traveling, downsizing, moving on & leaving our comfort zone behind. (I too want to do this but it scares me.)

3. Is it that I’m already “Empty Nesting”…..we are now in a rental, I can clean the whole house in 1/2 a day, we don’t have nearly as many teenagers around the house all the time, I fear losing touch with my children and others whom we have tried to guide and be there for that I love so much!!

4. Is it the fear that I may lose my husband after all these years?!?! When the kids are gone will he still like me, will he still love me, will he still want to be with me, will we still get along?!?!

5. Is it that I’m just going stir crazy and have too much free time?!?! I have less teenagers around to feed, to clean up after. I have less house to clean and to consume my time. Is it that I have more time on my hands and too much time to think and analyze things and that I do not have something to keep me busy anymore and that I feel lost without feeling as needed as I have in the past?!?!

All of these are some of the things that have been going through my head. I think it is time to take back “ME”……to find another purpose!! Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and my family but as the kids have grown older I have been needed less and less. I have gotten “clingy” to my husband to try and fill some of this void which I think is starting to push him away a little. I have NEVER had to work and the past few years since the boys have gotten older I substitute at the schools off and on for something to do.

I believe that I need to find something that makes me feel useful, makes me fill like I’m contributing to something or someone, I believe I need to find something else that makes my heart full again. I do crochet for something to do but it’s Not enough. I love my family and friends and this as nothing to do with them but has everything to do with me!! I feel as though something is missing, another purpose as my kids are moving on and not needing me as they once did!!!

I am seriously thinking about Volunteering at a Hospice or Old Folks Home……I love to nurture and help someone!! I have been thinking about this for the past several months as it always breaks my heart seeing someone alone and lonely! I for one do NOT want to die alone, I do NOT want to be lonely in my older years!! Maybe I can help someone be happier and make myself happier and have the “Happy Go Lucky” me again that everyone loves!!! Including myself!!!

This next week I plan to talk to some people at our local Hospices & Nursing Homes, to stop by and visit and see what opportunities there may be and who may need a volunteer the most. I plan to see if anyone has any ideas on me donating some of the things I make. I will write more next week about my findings…..please find things that make you happy, that make you remember who you are, that will help you mentally, physically & spiritually!!!