Our Lives Have Many Chapters….NO REGRETS, Just Lessons Learned

Live with NO REGRETS, just lessons learned!!  There are many many chapters already written and in the past.  Your current chapter is under construction and the chapters ahead remain blank with so many options and opportunities still ahead and yet to be discovered!!


Just felt the need to share this today in case anyone is struggling…..NO REGRETS, everything in life is temporary just make the best of every thing you can!!  Have a wonderful day, be Happy, Smile and just take life day by day!! 🙂  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………Robin Robinson


Do what ya Gotta do for YOU…..

Sometimes YOU just gotta do what ya gotta do!!! Be Happy, Take Chances, Try New Things, Love Unconditionally, Follow Your Hopes & Dreams and Make Choices Based on What You Believe is Best for YOU!!!  
People may think you are crazy, people may not agree with your choices, people may try to discourage you, people may get in your way but these “people” are NOT living your life!  

YOUR life and YOUR choices are actually no ones business but your own……it is up to YOU to make your own choices, good or bad and hopefully others will just be supportive and there for you if you need them.  
Do what you feel is best for YOU, you are the one living your Life so do what makes you Happy!!  
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! I hope YOU are all having a wonderful day!! 😊

Crossroads……The path is up to you!!!!!

Crossroads………We all have decisions to be made of various degrees throughout our lives both big and small.

Some choices will affect our relationships………Some choices will be persuaded by what others want……….

Some choices will lead to more happiness……….Some choices will piss people off………..

Some choices we will be glad we made……….Some choices will affect only ourselves……….

Some choices we will regret……….Some choices will affect our health good or bad……….

Some choices will lead to negativity or a bad situation……….

Some choices will be positives and may just be the best choices we could have ever made……..


Whatever Crossroads you are at……. Take a Deep Breath, Release and let out some of the tension building up inside of you and think…..

“Is this a decision that I am making for myself and what I feel is best for me or what I feel will be best for others?

Is this decision what’s BEST for me in the long run?

Is this decision one that I really need to make right now?

Is this decision one I really believe in?

Is this decision one that I really need to make right now or anytime soon?”


There are so many pros and cons of every path we must choose and most we don’t find out till the path is already chosen…..

Be true to yourself, Be a little selfish if necessary, Take time to think, Take time to evaluate your decision and don’t rush your decision if possible……

Make decisions when you are calm and thinking rationally……..

Do what YOU feel is best and do NOT base it on what others think or suggest you do UNLESS YOU BELIEVE IT’S THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!!!!!


DO what you feel is BEST for YOU regardless of what others think…..

If it doesn’t go like you thought It’s okay because YOU made the choice!!!

YOU made the choice you felt was right at the time for Yourself…..

Remember, YOU can change the path on your Crossroads at any given time by the choices you make!!!!


Good luck with all your choices both big and small and remember Everyone makes Mistakes & No One has ALL of the Answers to Life!!! 😊

Thank you for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson