BE……be you and nothing less

Being true to yourself and admitting how you really are is not always easy……so in case any of you don’t already know, This Is Me!!! ¬†Full of Weirdness, Full of Goofiness, Full of Thoughts, Full of Love, Odd-ballness and sometimes just plain Full of It……but I sure do have a lot of fun being Me!ūüėČ


Life is SO much easier when we can learn to let go of the negatives… ¬† ¬†when we can learn to accept that things aren’t always going to go as planned… ¬† ¬†when we can learn to just have faith that everything will work out one way or another… ¬† when we learn that what’s meant to be shall be… ¬† ¬†when we learn to realize that we are truly blessed in so many ways… ¬† ¬†when we learn and realize that most of the things we think are important in life are really only things…. ¬†BE YOU, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, BE HAPPY… ¬† Sending you all a Great Big Smile and some Positive Vibes for a Wonderful Day!!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


New Years Eve Thoughts 2016

Happy New Years Eve!!  May you ALL have a Wonderful Day & Evening as we say Goodbye to 2016 and Hello to 2017!!!

Life is Whatever YOU make of it and tonight at Midnight starts a Brand New Year for more opportunities!! 

Stay Positive my Family & Friends no matter what life throws your way…..Make the best of every situation as you cannot control everything…..Be Happy with what you have and change whatever needs changing…..ALWAYS Remember how truly blessed you are because someone somewhere is going through far worse with way less. Happy New Years!!!! Hugs and Luv U All Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson 

No Regrets, love your life or change it……..

NO Regrets!! Just lessons learned…every day is another chance for change, another chance for new beginnings, another chance to fix any wrongs, another chance for more happiness, another chance for new experiences, another chance to work towards your goals, your hopes and dreams!! Don’t let Life just slip by because you are caught up in the daily negatives, the daily rut…..get out of your comfort zone, experience new things, take time for yourself more often and never give up on your dreams….anything and everything is possible, have faith and be patient, Never Give Up!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson