Our Lives Have Many Chapters….NO REGRETS, Just Lessons Learned

Live with NO REGRETS, just lessons learned!!  There are many many chapters already written and in the past.  Your current chapter is under construction and the chapters ahead remain blank with so many options and opportunities still ahead and yet to be discovered!!


Just felt the need to share this today in case anyone is struggling…..NO REGRETS, everything in life is temporary just make the best of every thing you can!!  Have a wonderful day, be Happy, Smile and just take life day by day!! 🙂  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………Robin Robinson


Simple Saturday…..Simple Things

Simple Saturday……..Simple things, Simple Acts of Kindness can fill our hearts………


The Simple things can make us smile,

The Simple things can brighten our day,

The Simple things can help lessen our pain and help us get through the day.


The Simple acts of Kindness,

The Simple acts of Compassion,

The Simple acts of Caring,

And The Simple act of Unconditional Love are Priceless and more meaningful than anything money can ever buy!!!


Simple Saturday……….The Choice today is Simple, just enjoy it!!!! Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson