WHAT?!?! “You’re really trying to sleep?!?!”…says Brain….

WHAT?!?!  “You’re really trying to sleep?!?!”….says Brain.  This photo of sorts is exactly how I’m feeling….maybe I drank too much coffee too late in the day?!?!?!  A pot of coffee by myself in the afternoon may NOT be the brightest idea I’ve had in awhile!!! LoL


At least I can chuckle about it now, but….but, by 7am I may not be so chipper!!  Ok, who am I trying to kid?!  I will likely still be chipper, I think it’s tattooed somewhere in my DNA to be annoyingly chipper and positive just to annoy some people!!👍  If I have ever annoyed you in person or with my writing…..You’re Welcome!😋  Sincerely, Me😘  Hopefully, if you are reading this in the wee hours of the night wherever you may be you will know that YOU are NOT alone, that there is indeed someone else out there weirder than you!!  LOL  Good Luck Sleeping and Sweet Dreams, morning will soon be here and another day will begin.  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


Monday Positives from Me to You!!!!

Good Monday Morning!!!!😃  I just cannot help myself!!  I am who I am and I would prefer to be known for my annoying Positive Attitude, my Positive Outlook on Life, the Smile on my Face, my cheery demeanor for annoying people, for my weird and smarty pants ways and for wanting nothing more than the best for everyone and for often caring too much, because I am who I am!!

Besides, it’s much better than being grumpy and bitter towards people and the world…negativity only brings more misery and who wants that?!?!??  NOT ME!! 😃

So, be Happy and Enjoy life more!!!  Find what makes you Happy!!  Discover how to be Happy and Smile even when times are tough…Realize that negativity consumes and Positivity Radiates!!!  Happy Monday Everyone!!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….Robin Robinson

Mamma Bear and Emotions….

Emotions….we ALL have them even if we try to ignore them, even if we are the most macho person in the world….we ALL have emotions especially when we try to hide them!!!  This Mama Bear is overly sensitive, I’ll admit it, I’m NOT ashamed….as it is who I am!!!

Do I wish I could control my emotions??? YES
Do I wish I could hide my true emotions so no one knew??? YES
Do I wish my facial expressions could hide my true feelings?? YES
Do I wish the floodgates could stay closed??? YES
Am I ashamed of my emotions??? NO

I Am NOT PERFECT, I feel deeply for myself, for my family, for my friends and for strangers!!! This IS me!!!! If I could magically fix every Heartache, every Problem, every Wrong I would do it in a heartbeat!!!!IMG_2997-0 None of us is perfect!!! None of us will have a perfectly easy life!! None of us has all of the answers!! None of us is always right or wrong!!! 
I AM WHO I AM, Loving me or hating me is far beyond my control because I AM WHO I AM!!!! Loving me or hating me is up to you!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Last Wednesday of 2015….Thoughts and Reflections

Hellllllooooo WEDNESDAY!! 2015 is almost over and I am Thankful and Blessed beyond words!!   Just like You, I am human……..I have had my share of mistakes, struggles and inner demons but it is in the PAST….. I AM WHO I AM because of what I have been through in my Life and how I choose to let it affect me!!   

 I have forgiven others for any wrongs that have been done towards me, I have released the hate and negative energy for ME….NOT for them but for me to heal, to be happier and to be a better person!!  
I have embraced my weird, emotional, happy-go-lucky, optimistic and un-conditionally fun loving self and accept that I am just as Unique and Interesting as everyone else….. I AM WHO I AM!!!!  

  2015 has been a great year of many changes, adventures, soul searching, and dreaming of what is still to come in my Future!! 
I am happy to let go of 2015 and to start 2016 with New Goals, Dreams and Adventures!!! 😃 
 Sending you ALL Wonderful Wishes as we bring in the New Year!! May your 2016 be filled with Love, Laughter and an Over-Abundance of Happiness!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

YOU…You are who You are…

YOU…You are who you are……….

I…..I am who I am and proud of it!!!

20150328-145931.jpgI have always told my boys “Practice Makes Perfect…but…NOBODY’S Perfect!” That’s what makes us ALL unique, that’s what makes us who we are, that’s what defines each one of us!!!!


If changes need to be made in your life, make them for yourself, make the decision based on what you believe, on what you want out of life…….do NOT let others stand in your way, do NOT let others make your decisions!!


Remember that YOU are the one responsible for YOU……YOU have the choice to be Great, to be Better, to be Happy, to Live, to make your own mistakes and the choice to Learn!!!


Be who YOU are, Love with all your might and Share your happiness!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful day!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Who I Am…the Truth about Myself or at Least I Hope……….

20150307-091215.jpgI cannot LIE and I cannot Hide my Feelings….my expressions tell on me every time!!!!

No matter how hard I try to pretend that nothing is wrong, that my feelings are not hurt, that I’m happy when I am NOT, that I am okay when all I want to do is cry or that nothing is bothering me….my facial expression show something different every time!!

I am NOT a good liar and do NOT like to Lie…….even if it is just trying to be sneaky and pull a prank if you know me well enough I cannot get away with it!!! My eyes, my grin…..my facial expressions will tell the story of trying to deceive every time!!! I do NOT like to LIE as one day it may come back to haunt me and there is nothing in life that is worth losing over a LIE!!!!!

I am an emotional, honest and loving person who prefers to live in the here and now, who enjoys being there for others and lives for tomorrow and the great unknown….I do NOT want to live with REGRETS!!!!!

20150307-091306.jpgFor me True Satisfaction and Happiness comes from others…….from seeing them Happy, seeing them Succeed, seeing them Grow, seeing them Achieve what they thought was Impossible, seeing them fulfill their hopes & dreams, by being here when they need a shoulder to cry on, by being here to listen no matter how simple or trivial their problems may seem, by being here to guide and offer advice as needed, by being someone that others want to be around and most importantly for me…..True Satisfaction and Happiness is Loving Myself, Loving Others and knowing that I am Loved for who I am!!!!

I am NOT perfect, I am NOT a saint….I am simply ME, simply a person who has struggles just like everyone else, who makes mistakes, who hopes to make the right choices, who strives to be a better person, who wants what’s best for EVERYONE including herself, I am a person who desperately tries NOT to let life’s challenges get in her way and who tries to find the Positives in all of the Negatives (sometimes easier said than done) and I am a person that enjoys life as much as possible and loves making others happy…………I just wish that more people would TRY to be better, TRY to do better, TRY to be more Honest and TRY to think of how their actions and words affect others!!!! NO ONE is Perfect but Happier People make Happier Friends which make for Happier Times!!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts…………Robin Robinson