Good Sunday Morning….Never Too Young & Never Too Old

Good Sunday Morning to all of you!!¬†ūüė䬆May today be a wonderful day no matter where you are or what you are doing. ¬†You have the ability to do whatever you heart desires….


Live Your Life, Enjoy It To The Fullest, Do The Things That Make You Happy, Follow Your Dreams and Never Give Up On Your Goals!!! ¬†Don‚Äôt take life for granted and let it slip away…..YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD…..Age is just a number. ¬†Lots of Luv & Hugs from me to youūü§ó… ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


Your day is as good as Your Attitude!!!

I GIVE UP!!! ¬†All excited to sit at the computer and get some stuff done while soaking up the sunshine….um, would appear that the clouds have other ideas for the sunshine as I barely saw it this morning but for a few seconds as it peaked over the Virgin Mountains!! ¬†Guess I’ll head inside and be productive elsewhere for awhile and wait for the sunshine to show up as I’ve already been patiently waiting for over 3hrs!!! ¬†LoL


So much for my sunshine maximization today‚ėÄÔłŹūüĆīūüôĀūüėč… does make me chuckle as today was the first day I had plans to utilize and soak up the rays as much as possible while being a bit lazy….guess I should’ve thought about being super productive in the sunshine instead!! LoL ¬†It is still a beautiful day though and I really cannot complain because I’m wearing shorts and a tank top and barefooted which is my preferred attire over pants, sweatshirts and shoes!! Hope you have a most wonderful day no matter what your weather and no matter what you’re wearing!! ¬†Your day is as good as your Attitude!!! ¬†Find humor in every day, Life is easier being a little silly and making your day more enjoyable no matter if it going as planned or not. ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson

A Friday hug to share…..

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!! ¬†Sending out Great Big Cyber Hugs to anyone needing one or¬†a few….. Sometimes, all any one of us wants or needs is just a simple hug. ¬†Even an I Love You can make someone feel special, it can make someone realize that you do still care even if you do not see or talk all the time.


Sometimes a Hug and an I Love You will help a person get through the day!! ¬†Maybe today you can make it a point to give someone a hug whom seems like they may need one or a few. ¬†Tell your loved ones that you love them that haven’t heard it for awhile or even if you just said it last night, do it again anyways. ¬†Kindness is free and so is a hug…… ¬†Hope you all have a wonderful day!!ūü§ó¬†Hugs 2 U All ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

A simple Good Morning and Hello……


Good Morning!! ¬†No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter wether we personally know eachother or not, no matter what your circumstances, I simply want to wish you a Good Morning and to say Hello!! ¬†May you have a wonderful day with a few smiles, some laughter and some love in your heart because you are blessed and you are loved unconditionally!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Our Lives Have Many Chapters….NO REGRETS, Just Lessons Learned

Live with NO REGRETS, just lessons learned!!  There are many many chapters already written and in the past.  Your current chapter is under construction and the chapters ahead remain blank with so many options and opportunities still ahead and yet to be discovered!!


Just felt the need to share this today in case anyone is struggling…..NO REGRETS, everything in life is temporary just make the best of every thing you can!! ¬†Have a wonderful day, be Happy, Smile and just take life day by day!! ūüôā¬† Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………Robin Robinson

Release the inner silliness you hold within……

I just cannot help myself this morning as I’m feeling full of it….full of it is “Once Again A Beautiful Day For Having A Wonderful kinda vibes sort of day!! ¬†LoL


Have some fun, find your inner silliness and unleash it a little or a lot once in awhile……be Happy and SMILE MORE!!! ¬†Life is so much funner when we aren’t so serious all the time!! ūüė䬆 Find and DO what makes you a Happier Person, you deserve it!! ¬†Hope you have a Wonderful Day!! ¬†Release some of the inner silliness you hold within, you’ll discover it’s a lot of fun and helps keep you younger (in my opinion)!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Positivity – Good for You and those around you….

Hello!!! ¬†Hello hello hello!!! ¬†Life is complicated, Life is ever changing but with some Positivity Life can be easier to deal with for us and for those around us. ¬†Positivity isn’t always easy and can sometimes be hard, but finding the good in every situation, finding the good within your Life and being Positive despite any issues makes Life so much easier, more pleasant and it most definitely helps those around you as well.


I know that I am always blabbing about happy positive things but I too struggle just like everyone else at times. ¬†I try to live by the words that I write and believe, but I too, am human…….negativity, pissy attitude and angry bitterness sometimes surface and rear it’s ugly head¬†until I realize how I’m being or someone points it out!! ¬†LoL ¬†Sometimes, we ALL need a reminder of our negativity and that things aren’t as bad as they seem. ¬†Sometimes, we need a time out and to take a deep breath and take a moment to realize why we are feeling this way and to think about “does it really matter tomorrow and will me being like this really help the situation in any way or just make it worse and negative on others whom often have nothing to do with the way I’m feeling or is there even a reason for me to be upset at this situation”?!?!?! ¬†ūüė䬆 Positivity isn’t always easy, but Positivity makes Life easier. ¬†I hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of Positives surrounding you!! ¬†Great Big Hugs and Lots of Luv from me to you!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson