YOU are AWESOME!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today You shall be awesome!!!!!

It’s all how you decide it shall be!!

So, put a smile on your face….decide to have a positive attitude…and decide to have a great mindset, this is a must!!

Now, GO….GO and be AWESOME!!!

Hugs & Luvs 2 U ALL .. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson


Our Roads Are Different…..

img_20180424_065523_8814258407454353883147.jpgBe Happy with what you have where you are.

But, NEVER give up or lose sight of your wants, your hopes & dreams!!

Hugs & Luvs 2 U All as we work towards what we want while enjoying the blessings we already have.ūüôā

Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson


Count your blessing, be happier…..

Count your blessings as there’s much to be grateful for each and every day.¬† Look and img_20180508_054717_7072442589938413141955.jpgfind the positives that surround you and that are within your life.¬† Sometimes it is harder to find them but they are there, they always have been and always will be.

Happiness comes from within, smile more and laugh more often!!¬† Be grateful for what you have while working towards what you want.¬† Life is full of ups and downs but life is exactly what you make of it!!¬† So, make the most of each and every day.¬† Hugs & Luvs 2 U All¬† Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Life, be a reflection……

Hello Hello Hello my beautiful & handsome friends & family….

Life is complicated,
Life is often not what we had envisioned,
Life has many ups and downs throughout our lives,
Life can even be more than we could have imagined or hoped for at times.

Life is easier when we learn to navigate it with a more positive, happy and optimistic attitude.  None of us likes to be treated crappy or negatively, none of us!!  But, have you ever stopped to think about yourself once in awhile and how you may be treating others without even realizing it and it is combing back to you?!?img_20180412_065154_1874105233506571438525.jpg

Sometimes, people are just rude and negative because of their own issues within their lives but at the same time….at the same time, sometimes people are rude or negative to us because that’s what we gave them first.

Be a difference….Be a reflection of what you want back from others….Be the positive everyone needs in their life and just Be happier!!¬† It’s FREE and it can greatly improve your life!!!¬† It can also help you enjoy your life more and it can even allow you to see how truly blessed you are no matter what your situation!!

Life has ups and downs and we cannot always control it.¬† What we can control in Life is “Ourselves & Our Attitudes”.ūüėȬ† Sending you ALL positive thoughts ans positive vibes for a happier more positive life!!¬† Lotsa Luvs from me 2 U … Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Smiles & Laughter – Give, Take, Share

Smiles & Laughter….Laughter & Smiles they should be a must have for each and every day!! ¬†Laughter & Smiles not only brightens your day, it also brightens the lives of those around you.

Smiles & Laughter are Free to Give – Smiles & Laughter are Free to Take – Smiles & Laughter are Free to Share…. ¬†Laughter & Smiles are in every day but NOT utilized nearly as much as they should be and NOT shared as often as needed. ¬†Some things in Life are just SIMPLE things that we can do each and every day for ourselves and for others.

So, I am sending out Great Big Smiles and Positive Vibes along with giving you all permission to laugh all day long at anything that makes you chuckle. ¬†I hope you share some of the Smiles & Laughter with others…. Hugs & Luvs to you All ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….Robin Robinson

Blessings….no matter what your circumstance, you still have things to be grateful for if you just take a moment to look and think…..

Blessings….no matter what your circumstance, you still have things to be grateful for if you just take a moment to look and think…..

What a beautiful sunrise… ¬†I am so ready to sit out in the mornings on the patio once again as I miss enjoying the beautiful sunrises and warmer weather as it has been far to long. ¬†It was 45* which isn’t too bad, but yet is still too cold for my beloved shorts, tank top and barefeet for more than a couple of minutes…lol…and I refuse to bundle up and go out with a blanket!! LoL ūü§£

Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening to you ALL… ¬†May you all have a most wonderful day!! ¬†Don’t forget to stop once in awhile and take a look around at your blessings. ¬†Blessings are both big and small, Blessing can be seen and some blessings can only be felt….

Blessings are different for all of us but none the less, we ALL have things to be grateful for and we are ALL blessed in different ways… Hugs & Luvs 2 U All p.s. I am blessed to have you all as family and friendsūüė䬆 Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson