Happy Father’s Day to the Wonderful Men whom…..

Happy Father’s Day to ALL of the wonderful Men whom are playing the important role of “Father” regardless if biological or not.  Being a Father or Father Figure is equally important and it takes a good man to fill the shoes of Fatherhood.

You are looked up to, you are asked for advice, you are caregiver, you are a role model, you are more than you’ll ever know!!  Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s, Grandpas, Uncles, Brothers and anyone whom plays the Father Role…you are all important!! Happy Father’s Day!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Life is a gift……Happy Father’s Day

I cannot complain as it is another beautiful sunshiny day here in our part of Montana.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles and Men who have stepped up and taken over where other dads have failed!!!

The sun is beginning to shine,

the birds are chirping,

the crickets are being noisy,

and I can see both the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains!!


Enjoy your day and your Loved Ones…..

May you have a peaceful and relaxing type of day!!! 😊

It takes a special someone to care and to be a good Father, Congratulations!!!


Life is a GIFT, Embrace it!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts…..

Robin Robinson