Monday, just another day for Choices, Chances & Changes…..

Monday Monday Monday….Monday is just another day!  Sometimes, Mondays are more challenging than the rest of the week and often we even refer to other days of the week as just another Monday due to the hectic mess of it….but Monday, is really just another day!  So…on this day, just another Monday you have Choices, Chances and Changes that can be made to make it a better day, to make this week a better week, to make this month a better month.  Life is what you make of it!!!   Life is what YOU Choose to make of it by the Choices, Chances and Changes you choose to make!!


These 3 C’s, Choices, Chances & Changes aren’t always easy and are sometimes extremely scary but if you want more out of life, if you want to be happier and healthier, if you want to follow your hopes and dreams, if you just want something different……Then this is where the 3 C’s will always come into play….. Make the Choices…Take the Chances…Conquer your Changes!!!  Believe in yourself and you abilities…YOU CAN DO IT!!  Great Big Hugs, Positive Thoughts and Lots of Luv from me to you!!  Thanks for Reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson


This Chance, My Chances, Your Chances may NEVER come again….

Thoughts while I’m out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine, warmth and humidity that Milwaukee is currently offering me.  Walking because I can, Walking in the outdoors for my sanity, Walking and enjoying my day as best I can because that’s what I’m suppose to do.  Why not make the most of everything and every opportunity…….THIS Chance, MY Chances, YOUR chances may never come again so Get Out and Enjoy Your Life a Little more!!


Follow your dreams…..Take chances…..Get out of your comfort zone…..Never stop believing in yourself…..Set goals to help you Achieve what you want…..GO FOR IT, Believe and Achieve!!  Have a wonderful day and may you believe in yourself and you abilities more….regardless how hard your decisions and choices may be!!  Big Hugs & Much Luv 2 U All  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Never Give Up, Keep Trying

Good Morning Everyone!!!!  May you all have a most wonderful Sunday!!  Never Give Up, Ever on your hopes and dreams…….things don’t always happen over night or as quickly as we’d like but that’s okay, keep trying anyways.  Having goals, having hopes and dreams gives us positive things to work towards, to look forward to……Never Give Up, Keep Dreaming and working towards what you want!!  Keep Trying…….. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Have a Ridiculously Amazing Day!!!

BE Who You Want To Be…….Do What You Want To Do…….NEVER Give Up On Your Hopes And Dreams!!!!  
Change starts with You…..Happiness comes from Within…….Success is achieved by Trying…….NEVER Give Up On Your Hopes And Dreams!!! Sometimes you just gotta do, what ya gotta do in order to achieve what you want out of Life. Live with NO REGRETS and do what makes YOU Happy!! Hoping Everyone has a Ridiculously Amazing Day!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Hello Tuesday….

Never Give Up, Always Believe that Someday Your Dreams Will Come True!Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but Someday….Someday……believe and anything is possible. Nothing just magically happens you have to be willing to try, you have to be willing to work for it, you will have setbacks and people discouraging you but keep moving forward and most importantly keep Believing in your Dreams and Never Give Up! Happy Tuesday Everyone! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Believe in YOURSELF, do what is right for YOU!

Do WHAT you believe is right for you, follow your heart, follow your hopes & dreams!! Many will try to discourage you, you may fail and stumble along the way….DON’T GIVE UP…..DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!!
Believe, Believe whole-heartedly in yourself and what you are trying to achieve! Have an incredible day and weekend!! Sending you ALL Love & Hugs from the road somewhere in Wisconsin!!😊. #believeinyourself #followyourdreams #followyourheart #dowhatsrightforyou #bewhoyouaremeanttobe #dontlistentonegativepeople #livedontjustexist 

No Regrets, Go For It

What a beautiful day once again!! LIVE with NO Regrets…take a leap and get out of your “comfort zone”…..try things you’ve always wanted to, go places, take chances!!! Will it always work out like you think, probably not…..will you always enjoy it, probably not….sometimes you may enjoy it more than you could have imagined and sometimes one thing leads to more great things……GO FOR IT, at least you can say you gave it a try, at least you can scratch it off of your bucket list.  YOU will never ever know until you try. Things always tend to work out how they are meant to be but if you don’t at least try you’ll never know….NO REGRETS and who cares what anyone else thinks!!! Stop worrying about what others think!!!  Do stuff for Yourself, Stop putting yourself down and fearing the unknown…..take a deep breath, put a smile on you face and start ping after what you want and if your already trying, Good Job, keep it up!! Never Stop Trying, Never Stop Believing and NEVER Give Up On Your Dreams!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson