Count Your Blessings, NOT Your Problems

It is far better to Count Your Blessings than to count your problems.  We all have issues and problems but that’s okay, it’s just a part of Life.  These things should NOT consume us or define who we are.


There are far more important things we should be consumed with that are positives within our lives…….ourselves, our family and friends, the simple fact that we are alive yet another day to enjoy what Life has to offer and for the simple fact that Life is more enjoyable when we concentrate on the Good Within our Lives and that surrounds us!!

Do NOT let the negatives in this world make you bitter, do not let them consume you………Look and find the Positives and the Good within Life, there are far more greater things in Life to be Grateful for!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful day…..Hugs and much Luv 2 U ALL!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

MONDAY…as good as you make it

Happy Happy Monday Everyone!!! Today is YOURS to make of it what you will…..Today may NOT be perfect but you can still make the most of it…..Today IS as Good or Bad as YOU allow it to be!! Be Positive, Enjoy Life, Find the Good Within Your Life, Do What Makes You Happy & Never Give Up on Your Hopes & Dreams😊 Happy Monday Everyone…I hope this little message finds you well today!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

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January 1, 2017 Foggy Desert Morning

January 1, 2017…..a foggy morning with moisture in the air and on the ground from the rain throughout the early morning hours. The temperature is a nice 43 with a touch of humidity as the sun is trying hard to shine down through the fog and clouds!! 

Although I can barely see across the ROAD it is a beautiful first morning of 2017!! May YOU all be able to find the beauty in this day as well!! Happy 1st Day of 2017!! Have a wonderful day everyone!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

New Years Eve Thoughts 2016

Happy New Years Eve!!  May you ALL have a Wonderful Day & Evening as we say Goodbye to 2016 and Hello to 2017!!!

Life is Whatever YOU make of it and tonight at Midnight starts a Brand New Year for more opportunities!! 

Stay Positive my Family & Friends no matter what life throws your way…..Make the best of every situation as you cannot control everything…..Be Happy with what you have and change whatever needs changing…..ALWAYS Remember how truly blessed you are because someone somewhere is going through far worse with way less. Happy New Years!!!! Hugs and Luv U All Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson 

Morning….Are you grumpy?!?!

Good Morning!! Are you GRUMPY today?!?!?? Well, if you are…KNOCK IT OFF!!! No one deserves your negativity including yourself!! Put a smile on your face, look at the Positives within your Life and make the decision to be Nice and Happy to yourself and others….it makes Life easier and more enjoyable!!!Sending LUV to you ALL 😊……hope you all have a Good Day!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

A Photobomb to make you smile while on our Roadtrip…..2016

Photobomb….a little something to make you smile!! My husband just couldn’t help himself and wouldn’t get out of the picture so his punishment is me using the silliest one!!

Enjoy your surroundings no matter where you are, no matter who you’re with, no matter what you may be going through!! Life is short….so enjoy just as much as you can, make the most of EVERY situation, find the Good & Positives in your everyday life!! YOU, ME, WE…WE deserve to be Happy but no one can magically make you Happy…WE have to find it from within!! Have a blessed day everyone, hugs from somewhere in Wisconsin!!! 😊#terrynrobin Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson