I am me….I am not perfect….It’s okay for you too to be who you are

🤣LOL😂…..this is SO me….if something is going to happen, if something is going to go wrong, if something is going to become complicated that seemed simple, if something is going to end up a bad idea despite it seeming like a great idea at the time…..this is me and this is my life…lol….


I am me but at least I can laugh about it even if it takes me a few minutes to breath deeply, reevaluate what has or is happening before I smile, shake my head and chuckle!!! LOL  It is okay to be you too!!  We do NOT have to be perfect, or even the best at most things, we can be silly and weird and don’t have be what others think or say we should be…….WE need to be ourselves and Happy, that is what truly matters!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson


Hello Hello Hello!!! 😃 Just thought a few of you might need a Little Sunshine and a Smile to help get you through the day, so HERE it is!! ☀️ Most days do not go as planned but that’s perfectly alright as every day is a work in progress and tomorrow is another day!!

Hoping you all have a wonderful day surrounded by Happy Positive People to help lift your spirits throughout the day or if nothing else to Happily Annoy you and get you to Smile!!😉 Make the most of Every Day, being Grumpy just isn’t nearly as much fun!!!  thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson