A Desert Walk and Random Thoughts…..

A desert walk…….partially sleep deprived but a much needed walk….


If you look hard enough you will realize how blessed you truly are…..  Everyday is a new day, feel the love and warmth within your heart.  Sometimes, a simple walk or just getting out and doing something alone can help you appreciate more….. Find your Happiness, Find the Simple Pleasures in Life and Find what it takes to help you succeed in Life and Follow Your Dreams no matter what they may be and no matter what your age!!  Good Luck  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


Blessings…we ALL have them

What a beautiful sunrise once again as I sit here enjoying my morning coffee working away on my laptop.  I cannot help but be Grateful for all of the many things I’ve been able to see and do, for all of the wonderful people in my life past and present and for all of the blessings I have been given………..

NO Matter what our struggles are today, tomorrow or down the road……try to remember the good things within your life, the little things that matter and mean the most and not dwell on the negatives and materialistic things that don’t really matter in the end!!  Life’s too short to be miserable and negative…..

I choose to look for the Best in People and for the Best within my own life….I choose to do my best to be a better person daily (not always easy) and I choose to enjoy as much of what life has to offer as much as possible (despite any challenges thrown my way)!!!  I know it’s Monday but I hope YOU ALL have a most wonderful day!!  Big hugs and Luv 2 U All 😊  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Sunrise and Happiness, are you Happy?

What a beautiful sunrise this morning.Calmness with no breeze and no noises whatsoever………

We are all in different places within our lives but yet no matter where we are, who we are or what we are going through, we all just want and deserve to be Happy!! Look around you and Look within yourself…..there are so many big and little blessings to be grateful for, there are so many things and people that we take for granted everyday that we often get consumed in the negativities or what we don’t have instead! Realize your blessings (i.e. you have friends and family that love and care about you, you have a job or source of income, you have food to eat, you have your health, you have awoken once again, etc.), as there is ALWAYS others worse off than you .Happiness comes from within, Happiness is a choice and Happiness with a smile isn’t always easy….but HAPPINESS makes everyday life easier!! I want nothing less than for every one of you to find Happiness within yourselves and within your everyday lives!!!! 😊Sending you all a great big smile😃, lots of luv💖, and a great big cyber hug!!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson