Nothing in Life Lasts Forever, Enjoy as Much of it as You Can!!!!

Hope everyone has a most wonderful evening!!  Much Luv and Hugs 2 U ALL!! 😊 Thanks for Reading my Thought………Robin Robinson

Follow Your Dreams….Life’s Too Short

Be Silly, Spread Laughter & Smiles, Share Some Positivity, Follow Your Dreams, Never Give Up and Most Importantly, BE HAPPY!!!
Life’s Too Short to be negative all the time….Life’s Too Short to stay stuck in what makes you miserable….Life’s Too Short to let it slip away day by day without trying to achieve all that you have dreamed of doing/trying….Life’s Too Short to live with regrets….Life’s Too Short at any age so Seize The Time You Have….Live Your Life to the Fullest by doing things that Make YOU Happy!!!

WE have all awoken once again so be Grateful for yet another day for more chances and opportunities for endless possibilities!!  What are your hopes & dreams for today, for tomorrow, for your future?!?!  Don’t give up, EVER!!!  You are never too old and it is up to You to follow your dreams and to find your Happiness within each and every day!!😊  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Give & Take…..Understanding, Support & Kindness….

Be UNDERSTANDING, Be SUPPORTIVE & Be KIND……..sometimes in life we just need the kindness, understanding and support of other people to help us get through our struggles!!


It’s okay to look to others for help, guidance and the support you need……..YOU cannot always do everything alone but with the right Support and Attitude YOU will SURVIVE and OVERCOME!!!


Keep your Head Held High, Take a Deep Breath, Put a Smile on Your Face, Be Supportive, Find Support when Needed and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! 😃

Always think about how your words and actions can affect other people…….try to treat others as you would want to be treated.  Little things YOU do, little things OTHERS do for YOU can be a sign of Understanding, Support & Kindness………Thank you for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson


Don’t Listen to Others….Be Happy, Be Yourself

What you think of yourself and how you feel are far more important than what others think….do NOT let the negative opinions of others affect you……let them be miserable by themselves….do NOT let anyone affect YOUR own HAPPINESS negatively…..YOU are better than that and deserve Great Happiness………..20150314-100750.jpgSurround yourself with Positive People that will Motivate you and Support you in ALL the right ways!!! It is far easier to stay Happy, to Be Happy, to Be Positive, to Be the Best Person YOU Can Be and the easiest way to stay out of the Negatives that are constantly in our daily lives by being around others who want the same things in life… Be Happy, to want more that the world has to offer and to NOT just settle into everyday life but to Excel and Dare to Dream and Hope for MORE!!!!!
20150314-100740.jpgBeing YOUR best, being Happy and being the most Positive person you can be is one of the most Effective ways of positively rubbing off onto others………..Sometimes you want to change other people for what you perceive is “what’s best for them”……you want other people to stop seeing all of the negatives in life and to start seeing the positives instead… want for them to be grateful for what and who they have in their lives instead of who and what they don’t have…….all too often you get wrapped up in trying to change others who do NOT want to change or even realize how negative they are that YOU forget to take care of what’s most important, Yourself!!! Sometimes you will accidentally get wrapped up in their negativity and/or you do NOT Realize that you YOURSELF are being Negative!!!! Sometimes we have to accept and realize that others will NOT or CANNOT change……….you must do what is best for yourself, BE HAPPY, BE COURAGEOUS, BE YOURSELF, BE MORE, BE FORGIVING, BE POSITIVE AND BE YOURSELF!!!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson


March…let it be the month of strength…

March is upon us…..may it be the month that gives us some more of the strength we need to get through the tough times, to heal, to forgive (even if it’s yourself), to move on and to learn from any mistakes!!!

20150302-205935.jpg</ You always have things in your life to be happy for….food on the table, roof over your head, etc……you have people to be grateful for, remember this and you can endure and make it through any of life's challenges!! Tough times are only as bad as you let them affect you……Do NOT over process as it creates negativity, anxiety and unnecessary stress…..try to take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute!!! Good Luck to us all and may we persevere….😊 hope everyone has a great month!! Thank you for reading my thought……..Robin Robinson


Valentine’s Day…not for everyone and a bit unfair

Another Day is here and soon it will be gone… is just another day but yet it’s also Valentines Day……showing love for others should be an everyday occurrence and not just emphasized once a year…….Valentines Day is for that special one we love but what about those whose loved one has passed away or those who have yet to find that special someone?!?!?!?!??

20150214-145304.jpgMaybe tell you friends and family that you love them or give them a hug today, talk to them as though it’s just another day because it IS just another day…….don’t say Happy Valentine’s Day because when you do it may be hurting their feelings…..just remember how sensitive some people can be…think about how you may feel if roles were reversed?

20150214-145536.jpgUntil the past couple of days and especially today, Valentine’s, I never really thought about it….but traveling around this week with my husband of 21 years, and two great friends that are cousins and 20+ years older than us (she lost her husband of 50+years two years ago and he lost his wife of 32years 11months ago)….. To me Valentines Day is for lovers, for couples, for all those in love……but yet it discriminates for those that are without and makes me feel a little like it’s a selfish day in which only some can truly enjoy……on that note…..I hope EVERYONE has a wonderful February 14th….just another day!! 😊 Loves and Hugs to you ALL from this weird sentimental mental strange over-thinking Me-Robin Robinson