Nothing in Life Lasts Forever, Enjoy as Much of it as You Can!!!!

Hope everyone has a most wonderful evening!!  Much Luv and Hugs 2 U ALL!! 😊 Thanks for Reading my Thought………Robin Robinson


Precious Moments……. 3/27/2015

Enjoy and Embrace the Precious Moments in Life… can never go back in time for a “Do Over”……..

You know that showers are always better at Auntie Robins and then we just have to do her hair…… niece Brenna always has to take a shower, get her hair done, brush her teeth, eat lots of food and have a good time!!!

It was such a warm beautiful spring day we just had to take the dogs to the Bitterroot River here in our beautiful part of Montana!! 😃 Bren just cannot control herself, the water is just too inviting……silly me I forgot the towel!!!



Brenna just loves to play with the dogs, Blue & Shadow and they absolutely love their Bren!!! Even though she cannot throw the ball very far they do not mind and continue to take it back to her!!!



Spending time with Loved Ones is Great Therapy regardless of the age difference between you!!! Smiles, Laughter & a Good Time is what’s important!! Enjoy the Precious Moment and the Simple Things in Life!!!!
Thank you for reading my thoughts and adventures…….Robin Robinson