You Only Live Once, This Is Not A Rehearsal……

Y.O.L.O……You Only Live Once.  Opportunities come along every day.  We either seize them and take the opportunity or we choose to let it slip away and choose to try it another day in hopes we will have the opportunity again.  But, WILL that exact same opportunity present itself in the future or is this opportunity one of the ones that’s once in a lifetime?!?!

Often, Opportunities are exciting and yet scary at the same time because it may mean making sacrifices, it may mean getting out of your comfort zone, it may mean taking a chance on something that is still not guaranteed, it may mean so many things both hard and easy but it may also be exactly the opportunity you’ve been waiting and hoping for…. CHOICES, CHANCES & CHANGES are what it takes!!  Don’t take Opportunities for granted!  You Only Live Once so you might as well enjoy it….Live YOUR life to the fullest and take every Opportunity that you can!!  Don’t  live with regrets or I wish I would have’s, Life can end and Life can change in the blink of an eye…….  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Everything is within reach…..

Everything, EVERYTHING is within reach. Your only limitations, your only obstacles, your biggest challenges will be your inner self!!!   Have Faith, Believe in Yourself, keep dreaming and reaching for what you want…….NEVER Give Up!!!  

ALL things are possible with the right Attitude. We ALL have struggles and obstacles but they are all as temporary as we make them!!  
 Keep your Chin Up, Keep a Smile on Your Face, Keep your Dreams Alive and Keep Moving Forward!!!! 
 Happy Monday Everyone!!!! 😊. Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

What will the day bring and what does the future hold!?!?

What will the day bring and what does the future hold?!?!??


The possibilities are endless…..

It is up to YOU to choose and control your environment,

Your attitude

Your overall well-being!!!


Don’t Live in fear of the unknown,

The what-ifs……..

Don’t live in your past mistakes,

Your wrong turns………

LIVE in the here and now and embrace everything that Life has to offer and that Life throws at you!!!!


YOU have so much happiness and joy within you,

YOU have so many wonderful people in your life that care about you,

YOU have the power to CHOOSE how you LIVE…….

Have faith in your own abilities!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Be Yourself…..

20150418-071927.jpgSo often we get wrapped up in our daily lives, the lives of others and just wanting to please other people that we forget to be ourselves.

We lose a bit of ourselves because we forget to take the time and make sure that we ourselves are okay and doing what it is that WE want to do.

Are you still working towards your goals and dreams in life, the things that YOU want for yourself?

Be who you are and who you want to be!!!  People will either Support and Encourage you or they won’t but let nothing get in the way of Being You and working towards what YOU want out of Life!!!!  YOU control your Destiny, YOUR Happiness!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Good Night……Do What Makes You Happy!!


Good Night Everyone…….do what makes you happy!!!!!

Life is NEVER as easy as we would like it to be but somehow,

somehow, we always manage to get through each and every day!!!!


There’s so much still to do, to see and too experience……

One foot in front of the other, one day at a time!!! 😃

Good Night and remember that tomorrow is a Brand New Day!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson


Let some of your pain go……..

Thursday……let some of your pain go, release yourself from the pain and negatives you have within you!!!

20150409-102912.jpgThe Choice is 100% yours…..

The Choice to start healing some of YOUR pain is up to YOU!!!!

No one else can do this for you!!!

YOUR Happiness……………YOUR Stress…..

YOUR Attitude……………YOUR Beliefs…..

YOUR Behavior……………YOUR Well-Being………

These Choices are all up to YOU!!!!!!


Learn to be at Peace with yourself and your past, your past decisions and situations in life are done and over with so do NOT let them continue control you and predict how you are!!! Believe that you are better and that you have learned from the past………Live in the Here and Now and look to the Future!!!

Good Luck and I hope you can find Inner Peace……I hope you have a pleasant day!!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson

Don’t Give In…..

Don’t give in…..DON’T give in, give up or make excuses!!! YOU are the only one in control of yourself….your attitude, your happiness, your well being.

It is still early into the New Year and I have already had to tell myself to NOT GIVE IN……I have goals to accomplish…….I want some of the “Old Happy Go lucky, Positive, Full of Energy” person that I once was and know I can be again!!

I have already had to battle myself from within to NOT give in to the old me!! My immediate response is getting mad and pissy within and then take it out on others!! I have been able to take a moment, step back and think….”Is this really something to be upset about? Is this worth my time and energy to be upset as there is nothing I can do about it or to change it?”

After I have asked myself these questions I then evaluate how to respond. If I respond right away as usual then it may NOT be nice, comes across harsh or isn’t sympathetic at all or may hurt someone’s feelings… I have been taking a moment to reflect on what the situation is, how I should respond with words. Why not make light of the situation as it has already happened and try to offer a solution or dismiss it as being ok and not a big deal.

I have found by doing this I am staying happier, positive and more energized!! I am in control of my own happiness and I hope that by me working on this for myself that it will show and start to affect others in a more positive way!!!

Don’t give in to you inner demons or anyone else!!! You control your own destiny!!! Good Luck!!!