It is better to be……. Go Ahead, I Dare You!!

I believe it is much better to Be Happy, to Be Kind, to Be Positive, to Be Chipper, to Wear a Smile on my Face and to Look for the Good Within My Life than to be Sad, Bitter, Angry, Hateful, Jealous and Negative!!  None of MY Issues are YOUR problems and None of YOUR Issues are MY Problems so why take it out on others?

I do NOT believe any good can ever come from being Mean and Spiteful to others.  Words can be very hurtful and damaging despite any apologies that may or may not happen.  Some words cut deeply and wound the soul forever.  Once unkind words are spoken they may be forgiven, but, they are often hard to forget.  I do not believe any good happens from being bitter, angry and negative towards life and others but rather it causes more misery within ones own life a well as transfers to others.  Being mean only creates more negativity and doesn’t solve anything…..

I DO Believe that a lot of Good comes out of being kind and nice to others.  Niceness to others can be a powerful thing, a kind word or a simple smile & hello can brighten someone’s day.  Kindness makes you feel good from the inside out and radiates. Being polite to someone can make them feel better about themselves.  By being Happy, Positive and Nice you are choosing to be a better person, you are choosing to be the Good difference in someone’s day, you are choosing to create a happier life.  Life is easier when you decide to find the blessings to be Grateful for in every day no matter how big or small and when one starts looking at things in a more positive manner Life just gets a little easier.  Problems and challenges may not change but getting through them changes and becomes easier to deal with.

Just some thoughts as I Believe that we ALL deserve Happiness! Our lives are ALL different, we ALL have our own battles and struggles, we ALL have different choices and paths in life.  Being negative only makes oneself sad and bitter and pushes good people away.  It is up to us as individuals to choose how we let Life and Others affect us, Good or bad.  Go Ahead, Be Positive….I Dare You!! 🙂 YOU Can Do It!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Count Your Blessings, NOT Your Problems

It is far better to Count Your Blessings than to count your problems.  We all have issues and problems but that’s okay, it’s just a part of Life.  These things should NOT consume us or define who we are.


There are far more important things we should be consumed with that are positives within our lives…….ourselves, our family and friends, the simple fact that we are alive yet another day to enjoy what Life has to offer and for the simple fact that Life is more enjoyable when we concentrate on the Good Within our Lives and that surrounds us!!

Do NOT let the negatives in this world make you bitter, do not let them consume you………Look and find the Positives and the Good within Life, there are far more greater things in Life to be Grateful for!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful day…..Hugs and much Luv 2 U ALL!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Dealing with Life……it’s all up to you…….


Being Positive is NOT always easy…..

Being Happy and Putting on a Smile is sometimes hard…..

Trying NOT to Cry doesn’t always work………

Sometimes in Life we have Struggles, we have Loss, we have Everyday Life……..


What matters most is…………

How we take every situation and Learn,

How we ourselves Grow,

How we learn how to Improve,

How we Remember our Loved Ones,

How we Adapt and Figure out how to Keep Going,

How we Move Forward and Deal with every Situation.

Moving forward is very important for our own healing and for others around us!!!

Life’s too short to worry about things we cannot change…

Life’s too short to worry about what others think…..

Life’s too short to get caught up in family feuds and to take sides…..

Life’s to short to hold grudges and to be bitter!!!!

Share your Love with others and allow yourself to be happy!!! 😊

Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Life Quotes to think on………..


Just a couple of quotes to think on………..

A simple Box of Crayons……….


The World is still a Beautiful Place……….


Just Be Happy………………….

Sometimes it is just nice to read simple quotes that make you think or look at things differently……Happiness, a Positive Attitude and Happier Surroundings are up to You.

Thank you for reading my thoughts…………Robin Robinson