Good Sunday Morning….Never Too Young & Never Too Old

Good Sunday Morning to all of you!!¬†ūüė䬆May today be a wonderful day no matter where you are or what you are doing. ¬†You have the ability to do whatever you heart desires….


Live Your Life, Enjoy It To The Fullest, Do The Things That Make You Happy, Follow Your Dreams and Never Give Up On Your Goals!!! ¬†Don‚Äôt take life for granted and let it slip away…..YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD…..Age is just a number. ¬†Lots of Luv & Hugs from me to youūü§ó… ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


Good Morning….Your Choice, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE?

Good Morning once again. ¬†Each day, every single one of us has the opportunity to make a choice. ¬†A choice on how we shall be…. POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.


Life isn’t always easy. ¬†Life often throws us curve balls and sometimes more often than not and sometimes, several in one day. ¬†No matter what happens we have a choice on how we allow ourselves to be, on how we allow ourselves to respond and on how we allow ourselves to stay. ¬†Life isn’t always easy, so when it knocks you down……Get Back Up, Don’t Stay Stuck & Negative…..Look & Find The GOOD Around You And Within Your Life!!! ¬†Good Luck, You Can Do It, YOU Can Be Positive!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Don’t let others hold power over you, Be Yourself!!

What other people think of you is really none of your business. ¬†Who cares what others think of you. ¬†Are they living your life? ¬†Are they living and walking in your shoes every day?!?! ¬†Be Yourself, Be Who You Are, Be True To Yourself…..your own opinion is really the only one that should matter.


In life we all want people to like us, we want people to approve of us, we tend to care too much about what others think, what they will say to us, what their opinions will be and what they will say about us behind our backs. ¬†There comes a time in ones life when we need to realize that it doesn’t really matter if others like us or not. ¬†It is the ones that we try to please the most and that we try to impress and get acceptance from that STEAL and SUCK the happiness out of us and that tend to use us to make us look like fools and for their own personal gain. ¬†These are the ones that don’t really matter. ¬†The choice is yours, BE TRUE to yourself and stop caring so much about what others think. ¬†Be Yourself, Be Happy…don’t let others hold power over you…… ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………Robin Robinson

Welcome October!! New month, new chapter and you hold the pen……

A new month is here once again…..Welcome October!!

Life is what you make of it!! ¬†Happiness and Positivity are NOT always easy but by choosing to look for the good within you life, within your self and within your surroundings life gets a little easier! ¬†GO AFTER what it is in Life that you want!! ¬†Your Hopes, Your Dreams, Your Goals may change along the way but that’s okay, that’s just part of life…..GO FOR IT, YOU CAN DO IT!!! ¬†Happy October Everyone!! ¬†I truly hope this new month, this newest chapter in your life is a good one….YOU hold the pen, now what?!?!?! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

A Desert Walk and Random Thoughts…..

A desert walk…….partially sleep deprived but a much needed walk….


If you look hard enough you will realize how blessed you truly are….. ¬†Everyday is a new day, feel the love and warmth within your heart. ¬†Sometimes, a simple walk or just getting out and doing something alone can help you appreciate more….. Find your Happiness, Find the Simple Pleasures in Life and Find what it takes to help you succeed in Life and Follow Your Dreams no matter what they may be and no matter what your age!! ¬†Good Luck ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

When you arise in the morning…..


A Precious Privilege……yes, that is what our lives are more than most realize. ¬†Today only comes once, so make the best of it. ¬†We ALL have our share of issues and struggles but they do NOT define us……Choose to see the Positives that Surround you and that you have within your Life, see the Blessings you really have rather than dwell on the negatives!! ¬†Your Attitude is Your Choice, so Choose Wisely and Choose to Be Happy… have it within you and YOU deserve nothing less than Happiness!! ¬†Sending you all some Positive Vibes to help get you throught the day and a Great Big Hug & Much Love to all that may need a little extra. ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Positive Thoughts…a Simple Hello…a Great Big Smile…and a Huge Hug

Hello Again….it’s just me sending you all some Positive Thoughts, a Simple Hello, a great big smile and a huge hug just in case you need one!! ¬†I know that not every day is as good as some of the others but it is up to each of us to make it as good as we can. ¬†Instead of dwelling on the negatives that will drag you and others down try to find the positives, the good, the blessings and what you should be grateful for rather than hateful and negative.


Happiness isn’t always easy but life is easier being Happy!! ūüė䬆 Smile…..Laugh….Enjoy Life while you still can….Live life to the fullest each and every day….Surround yourself with Kind and Positive People. ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson