Wednesday Morning….don’t stay stuck, make everyday count!!!

Good morning and Hello to another Wednesday!!! Just sitting on the back patio, enjoying the beautiful sunshine with my laptop, phone and cup of coffee with the music playing in the background.     I know that sometimes it’s hard to be Happy, it’s hard to be Positive and sometimes it’s just hard to be thankful but YOU can do it!!! YOU can pull yourself up and out of your slump as YOU deserve better!!!

Everything in Life is temporary…….we ALL have ups and downs…..we are ALL perfect in our own imperfections. This is what makes us who we are!!! 😊 

  It is up to US, up to YOU, up to ME as individuals to create our own Happiness, our own Unique Destinies…….Life is what YOU make of it through both the good and bad times. Do NOT dwell on the negatives, do NOT dwell on the Past but rather embrace every single thing you’ve been through, embrace the negatives and turn them into positives……find the GOOD in everything and leave the bitter negatives behind you!! Make today and every day count, for yourself, for your loved ones, for your future, for your Happiness & Sanity!!! Sending you all a great big Smile and rays of sunshine!!! Hello Wednesday!!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson


Inner Peace isn’t always easy…………

Oh my…’s SO chilly out (hear the sarcasm in my words 😜)………music softly playing in the background, a slight rustling of the palm leaves blowing in the light breeze, crickets…crickets…well, crickets making whatever sound they make off in the distance!!! Having myself a nightcap, just me by myself enjoying the beautiful moon with intermittent clouds!!    Sometimes things don’t go as planned, sometimes life just happens, sometimes things get in the way, sometimes obstacles are hard to overcome……..sometimes things aren’t meant to be, sometimes you forget to look at the bigger picture, sometimes we lose our way, sometimes we take what we have for granted……….sometimes Life just happens and ya gotta go with the flow and just take a deep breath and a leap of faith that ALL will be okay, everything will work itself out!!! 

One of the biggest obstacles each of us faces is ourselves…….ourselves mentally is one of the cruelest and hardest things we will ever battle!! I am NOT perfect, I am NOT a saint, I have issues just like everyone else, I may NOT be the prettiest or the smartest person you will ever meet….BUT, I am ME and I try so hard to be positive, upbeat, at peace with who I am, I try to spread happiness and cheer and I try to improve myself every single day…..this is all I can ask of myself!! So, next time you find yourself getting upset for whatever reason or you are being hard on yourself take a moment to ask yourself why, why are you feeling like this?!?! Does it really matter in the end? Isn’t there happy things and blessings that should be consuming you instead of all the negatives?!?! We do NOT know how much time we will have here in our physical bodies so enjoy every moment like it may be your last!! Try to leave kindness… and wonderful memories everywhere you go, just in case……. Ok, ok, ok…..done with my goodie two shoes πŸ˜‹ blah blah blah…….I hope each and every one of you finds Peace within yourselves, within your life….Life is so precious and we often take it for granted thinking that we will be here tomorrow, that our loved ones will always be here…… NOT leave negatives behind!!!! What happened in the past, the words that may have been said, the words that may remain unspoken, the relationships that may have been lost to stupid things should NOT be left with negativity, fix and improve everything that you can, before it’s too late!!

I Love Each and Every One of You in my own unique way……..YOU have all touched a part of my life in one way or another and for that, I THANK YOU!! Much Love and Hugs to you ALL!!!! p.s. I really did try to make this short and sweet but I just couldn’t delete any of my words, so most of you know me well enough that my stories/way of thinking/words that flow from my being are “Rarely” short!! I seem to recall a certain few people whom have asked…”is this the sort or long version”…….when in fact I am telling the super short version (at least I thought so until they point it out)!!! LoL πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Another Day..Happiness..Believe

Good Morning!!! Today is another day…another opportunity for greatness…another day to spread smiles…another day to work towards your hopes & dreams…another day to be happy…another day to be kind…another day to make changes…another day with ENDLESS opportunities in every direction you may ever want to go!!
Let go of the past…Let go of whatever may have happened yesterday…Let go of rumors you may have heard, they are rumors and YOU know the truth and that’s what matters…Let go of caring what others think as they are NOT living your life…Let go of things you can Never change…Let go of the negatives so you can move forward for YOURSELF!!!

Happiness is within YOU…Happiness is ALWAYS with you…Happiness, your Happiness is 100% up to you…Happiness is following your hopes & dreams…Happiness is dreaming and making changes for yourself…Happiness is finding the good things in life…Happiness is recognizing how blessed you really are…Happiness is embracing the positives around you…Happiness is Loving your Life and Making the Best of Everything!!!

What are you doing today to work towards your goals, your hopes & dreams?!?!?! Believe in yourself….Believe you deserve it…Believe you will succeed and GO FOR IT, MAKE IT HAPPEN, DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOURSELF and YOUR SANITYπŸ˜‰..YOU are NEVER too young or too old to change directions…….


Good Luck to us ALL……Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Monday turns to Tuesday, days pass by…..

Tuesday already?!?? Where did Monday go?!?! Guess I’ll just have to wait till next week to see Monday again. 😊 Time passes, hour by hour…day by day…week by week…….you are in control of your own destiny. Make changes as often as needed, learn from past experiences, forgive and let go of the negatives that are done and over with!  

Look to today…tomorrow…next week…..never give up, make your dreams reality, believe in yourself, appreciate the things you already have and most importantly– be HAPPY!!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

You Control Your Happiness….

Good Morning ….  

Being Happy or Staying Sad is completely up to YOU!! No one else is in control of you, your thoughts, your attitude, your behavior …  
YOU and only you hold the power, the key to your Happiness. Never stop Loving, Never stop Believing, Never stop Reaching for your Hopes & Dreams, Never stop Smiling, Never stop Laughing, Never stop Improving Yourself, Never stop Forgiving, Never stop Having Fun, Never stop Moving Forward in Life, Never look Back at the Negatives of the Past!!  

Be GRATEFUL as today is a Brand New Day…..Life is full of Disappointments, Struggles, Temporary Sadness and Negatives, do NOT let it Consume You …… 

Live, Laugh, Love & Be Happy!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Here’s to another day……

Here is to another day, another day to be grateful for our many blessings!!!  

Love with all your heart and Live each day to the fullest……so much can happen in the blink of an eye!!!  

Cherish and be grateful for your loved ones both family & friends…….Let go of negativity, forgive and heal some of the anger or resentment you hold within…..Never give up, keep moving forward…..Live your Life with NO REGRETS, you cannot turn back time so accept and move on from the past as it has helped mold you into the wonderful person that you truly are!!!   What lies ahead of you is but another blank canvas yet to be discovered….to be painted with love and memories!!! So…..Here’s to today, to the future, to another day!!! πŸ˜ƒ Hugs, Love, Laughter & Smiles from me to you….thanks for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson 

Going to bed with Happy Thoughts…..

Darkness is upon us…..some of us are fast asleep while others are still wide awake!!! Take this quiet time to think about what you HAVE in life to be Thankful for, to think and reflect upon your life both good and bad…….you are who you are because of what you have been through, what you have endured, what you have overcome!! 
–Let your worries slip away and onto Happier thoughts before bedtime and as you try to fall asleep!!! What’s done is done, what happened last week…..what happened yesterday…..what happened today are done and over with, there are NO do-overs or take backs, you cannot go back in time and change things……there is ONLY moving forward, moving on and looking towards the future!!!   

 –Tomorrow is a Brand New Day to start over, to finish unresolved issues, to forgive, to be happy, to appreciate more of who and what you have in Life……Be Grateful and Appreciative… NOT get stuck in the past and the negatives of life, try to be better…try to do better…start by going to bed with a happy heart on things you are blessed with so that you may wake up with happy thoughts and positivity to start your day!!   

 Good Night Everyone and I hope you have sweet happy dreams that radiate into a Great Day tomorrow!!! 😊😴😴 Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson