How to be HAPPY, decide…..

HELLO!!!!  GOOOOOD MORNING!!!!  It is yet another day and once again I find myself in a wonderful mood….  Well, at least I think so….  YES, I am in a good mood…..  I think….  I have yet to actually have any human interaction but according to me, I am in a Great Mood!!  LoL  What kind of a mood have you found yourself in this morning?!?!

It is up to YOU to have a good day and up to YOU to decide how life will affect you each and every day…..  So BE Happy, BE in a Good Mood…..Life’s more fun and has a positive affect on you and those around you when you choose to be happier!!  Besides,  it also drives some people crazy!!!  LoL 😜   Hope you ALL have a most wonderful day!!   Hugs and much Luv 2 U All!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


Choices & Living……Are you in the Positive or Negative choices and thoughts?

What a beautiful cloudy morning!!  Everything is so peaceful, the birds are chirping and fighting over taking turns on the feeder and water dish (except when I disturb them). The sun has risen but yet remains hidden behind the clouds and there’s chances of thunderstorms over the next few days but that’s okay as its still a beautiful day!!
Do NOT stay stuck in the past or in the negatives….often we get wrapped up in these instead of focusing on the Good things within our lives and all of the positives that surround us…..DO enjoy your life, what you have and what is yet ahead and leave the past behind!

Do NOT compare your life or be envious of others…..often we see what others have or what others are doing and we get jealous or resentful at the fact it isn’t us and we forget that these things are only things, they do not define us and everyone has their own struggles despite what anyone else sees from afar…..DO embrace Your life and all of your blessings for there is only ONE unique YOU, Life is what you make of it and Life is meant to be lived differently by each and everyone of us!  
YOU and ONLY YOU have the choice on how you choose to Live, how you choose to embrace your Life and how you choose to make choices that direct your way of Living……….
Are you in the Positive or Negative choices and thoughts?  I hope my little thoughts this morning help at least one of you whom may be struggling to realize that there is more to Life than being stuck and and hopefully you realize that YOU truly are Uniquely Blessed!!! Luv and hugs to you all 😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Thoughts on happiness at 4:39am

4:39 am …… Wide awake once again!!


New Beginnings,

Hopes & Dreams, 20150612-045224.jpg


Letting Go,



Positive Attitude…….

These are ALL within you!!!

Choose how to Be,

Choose what to Do,

Choose for Yourself,

Choose to accept the past and move On,

Choose to be who you Are!!!

                                                        I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!! 😄

Thank you for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Good Night and Be Thankful….

Goodnight Everyone….

May you all have a wonderfully peaceful nights rest.


Think of all the positive things in your life.

You are blessed more than you may realize……


What are your Hopes & Dreams….

What are you Appreciative Of…..

What are you Blessed With…..

What or who makes you Happy?!?!


These are what you should take to bed with you,

these are what you should be dreaming of……..

Goodnight and pleasant dreams!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

What a wonderful day today shall be…….

What a wonderful Thursday today shall be!!!

Yesterday was interesting, stressing over High School Graduation for our middle son this Saturday…..small altercation with a grumpy man because I was apparently parked in his unmarked, unassigned parking spot and then I broke a little glass bowl while cooking and not paying attention……so TODAY will be much better!! 20150604-084827.jpg


One has to laugh,

One has to smile,

And one has to stay positive in every situation!!!

Even if it is laughing at yourself and your current issues!!!!

20150604-084905.jpgDon’t let the negative attitude of others……

Don’t let the negatives of life in general get you down!!


YOU are better, deserve better and can achieve so much with the right attitude!!! Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson



Wonderous Wednesday………..


What a Wondrous Wednesday it can be……

Your Happiness is up to YOU!!!!

How YOU Choose to look and receive everything life brings you will determine your Attitude and overall Happiness each and every day!!!!


Be thankful….Be grateful….Be happy with yourself and with what you have in Life!!!!  Never stop dreaming and striving for more but always be happy with what you already have!!!

Things could always be worse, things have been worse and things are always worse for someone else who has far less than you!!!!


Positivity, Happiness & Love start with YOU!!!!!

Have a Wondrous Wednesday Everyone!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………..Robin Robinson

Happy Thoughts for a Happy Tuesday!!!!

Happy Thoughts for a Happy Tuesday!!!!


It is yet another day and another opportunity for letting go of things from the past that you cannot change……..

To let go of the pain you have been through…..

It is time to heal a part of your heart.


Let GO of the PAST……….

Let GO of what WAS………

Worry Less………

What is happening now and what is about to happen in your future is far more important!!!

20150526-084742.jpgLet go, move on……..

Move forward and Enjoy what you have,

Accept the things you cannot change,

Make the most of each and every day!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………..Robin Robinson