It’s ok and normal to have a meltdown…..

Sometimes, we all need to take a few for ourselves and for whatever issues we have going on.  It is okay and normal to have a meltdown, sometimes it is very needed.

However, it is VERY VERY important to let it out and then let it GO!!  There is NOTHINGimg_20180218_072308_0031376013520.jpg that can be done to change what has already happened, what is in the past.  Sometimes, there’s simply nothing we can do about things other than adjust ourselves.

  • Adjust ourselves…
  • Change our attitude and move forward towards more positives…
  • Towards enjoying what life has to offer…
  • Towards another day…
  • Towards more happiness and more laughter….

You hold the key to locking the negatives behind you….Use It Wisely.  You hold the key to unlocking many opportunities….Use it Often.  Great Big Hugs & Luvs from me 2 U … Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…Robin Robinson


Attitude is Powerful in many ways…..


Your Attitude,
My Attitude,
The Attitude of Others….

Attitude is such a powerful thing in so many ways!  I could write a novel about Attitudes and possible meanings & affects based on just my opinion alone, but I will spare you.  🙂

Instead, I shall give you a few things to think on….

  1. Is your Attitude positive and uplifting or is it negative and destructive?  Why do you think that is?
  2. Is your Attitude a reflection of who you truly are and who you want to be?  Do you need to make any changes?
  3. Is your Attitude helping or hindering your personal growth and happiness?  Think on this one a bit as there may be much you do not realize about yourself and your attitude.
  4. How is your Attitude affecting others?  Is it in a good, positive, encouraging way or is it negative and discouraging and tearing them down?  Reflect on that a moment and think about how you may be affecting others both good and bad….should you try to make changes in your attitude, have you pushed others away, should you apologize and talk about any of your behavior?
  5. Are the Attitudes of others affecting you by bringing you down or lifting you up?  Think on this, make changes if needed.  Figure out why/how, especially if it is negatively affecting you.
  6. Is the Attitude of others holding you back from following your dreams, from going after what you want, for going after what you believe you deserve?  Maybe you need to reassess a few things/people.  You have this one life to life and this is YOUR life to live, mistakes and all…….Your Life, Your Choices… NOT allow others to stop you!

img_20180314_083144_618460885640.jpgATTITUDE is such a powerful thing in so many ways.  FOLLOW your hopes & dreams, NEVER give up, NEVER stop believing in yourself.  Take a time out whenever needed, but DO NOT allow yourself to get swallowed up by the negatives around you & within yourself!  You can make pit stops, but don’t park for too long!!

I am wishing you all the best of luck for Positive Attitudes and Positive Reinforcements to surround you!!  Believe in Yourself and your Abilities, make changes as needed!!  Great Big Hugs & Lotsa Luv from me 2 ALL of U … Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….Robin Robinson

How do you look at your Life, can you look at it differently?

Some very very true words…..but, ONLY if you can look at your life a little differently.

Life is what you make of it!!  There is NO such thing as a perfect life.  We always want more, we always want something different, we always want things to change…..  This is normal, this is good if you can use it to drive you towards working for your hopes and dreams, your goals.  It is great if you use it to fuel your passions.

However, the desires of wanting more often gets in the way of our own happiness, gets in the way of our ability to enjoy more of our daily lives, gets in the way of realizing how blessed we are in our current lives, gets in the way of appreciating the life that we currently have….


Make The Most Out Of Every Single Day….Never Give Up On Your Hopes, Dreams & Goals….When You Get Frustrated & Sad Remember The Positives Within Your Life….

Things Are Just Things, When We Pass We Cannot Take Them With Us.  So, Remember When You Are Longing For More And For The Perfect Life… Remember That, “YOUR LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT” and that there is likely perfection already WITHIN YOU & WITHIN YOUR LIFE!!!  Lotsa Luv & Great Big Hugs 2 U All  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson

“WE” are the Directors of our own Attitudes……

So very true…….WE, YOU and I are the Directors of your own attitudes….Positively or Negatively.  Being Happy & Chipper & Positive & Smiling all the time isn’t always easy.  We all have our own faults and imperfections but when we start to realize some of our daily inner struggles and how they are affecting us and those around us it makes it easier to battle and conquer the negativity from within and that we encounter in our daily lives……

Choosing to see the Good within your lives, to see the Blessings we have been given makes positivity a little easier……..So, why not give it a try today and every day?!?!😊  Choose how to be…..WE, YOU and I are the Directors of your own attitudes!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Another day….look for the good in Life

It is yet another day!!!  
Sometimes life gets too dark, too heavy, too depressing & too negative ……… start the day positive and happy, find the good, find the funny, find the lighter side of life!!  
Don’t take Life too seriously, stop being drawn into negativity ……. Start looking at Life differently, look at the positives, look at the blessings, look for the humor in everyday life!!  
Sending love and positive vibes your way!! Smile, you deserve to be happy!! 😃Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

YOU are good enough…..we all are

YOU, ME, Everyone…….WE are all good enough so believe in yourself! Love yourself as others do. The right people, the important people will Love you for who you are, both inside and out…unconditionally.  

Have you fallen out of love with yourself, do you doubt yourself, is your inner self telling you your not good enough or ugly, are there lies from within, are you ashamed of any part of whom you’ve become?!?! 

KNOCK it OFF!!! You are better, you deserve better so stop beating yourself up and start learning to LOVE Yourself again!!!! 

 You are better and you know it, internally you will begin to fix the pain that others never see but that you feel!! You are better, you deserve better than what your inner self is telling you, in fact…YOU are so much more than anyone could ever tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE BETTER, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE than you give yourself credit for!! 

KNOCK it OFF, pick up the pieces, readjust yourself, learn to be happy and love yourself again!!   What others think of YOU should be based on whom you really are, your true self inside and out….the person that you yourself love and are happy with, the person you are most proud to be, the person that really lies within…..YOU and only YOU know who you really are, YOU know deep inside you are BETTER, you are ENOUGH!!! 

 Remember who you are, not what others want, not what you think others want you be…..Be who YOU are, whom your meant to be, whom you can be proud of!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson