“WE” are the Directors of our own Attitudes……

So very true…….WE, YOU and I are the Directors of your own attitudes….Positively or Negatively.  Being Happy & Chipper & Positive & Smiling all the time isn’t always easy.  We all have our own faults and imperfections but when we start to realize some of our daily inner struggles and how they are affecting us and those around us it makes it easier to battle and conquer the negativity from within and that we encounter in our daily lives……

Choosing to see the Good within your lives, to see the Blessings we have been given makes positivity a little easier……..So, why not give it a try today and every day?!?!😊  Choose how to be…..WE, YOU and I are the Directors of your own attitudes!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson


Change…believing and doing

Wide awake at 5:30am (technically 4:30 without time change)……my mind was racing with thoughts of what I need to do, how to make a game plan, how to best execute any sort of rational game plan on getting rid of everything……..just thinking is exhausting!! 😋 Too much thinking going on!!

I know deep down that ALL will work out and that I can do this, it will be just fine!! I’m more excited about the New Chapter in our life with this move and what lies ahead than looking back at the stuff we have accumulated that I need to get rid of ….. but change isn’t always easy and I find my inner self struggling some with letting go, with big change.

No matter what you have going on in your life, remember that ALL things are possible!!! YOU can HAVE, BE and DO what you want, what you believe and know you deserve!!
Sometimes going for what you want is scary….sometimes it can be difficult……sometimes it entails sacrifices….sometimes it’s starting fresh, starting over…..sometimes it’s going completely out of your comfort zone.
Just remember to look at the bigger picture, look ahead and to the future of what you are reaching for…..when you get discouraged or overwhelmed just take a step back, take a deep breath and allow yourself some time to remember why you are doing what you are doing, what you are planning on achieving…..remember the big picture of why you wanted to start this journey!!

YOU can HAVE, BE and DO what YOU want….believe and take the steps needed to follow your dreams……YOU CAN DO IT and YOU CAN & WILL SUCCEED and YOU can OVERCOME any & all OBSTACLES one step at a time!!!

Good luck to us ALL on any endeavors both big and small…..we ALL deserve to follow our dreams!! 😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Do what you feel is right……..

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Do what you feel is right for you……..

No one else is walking in your shoes!!!


Are your decisions always right, NO!!!

At least you are trying!!!

Everyday is a new day to start over!!!


Sometimes you’ll never know if your choices are going to be right or wrong until after you make them and give them a try……….

Take a leap of faith and give NEW things a try and see what happens!!!!

Stay positive, try something new, be happy, Good Luck and have a wonderful day!!! 😄

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson