Good Mood, Smiles & Chipperness….WHY NOT?!?!

GooooooD Morning!!!  GOOD MORNING!!  I’m full of smiles once again and just figured I’d share a Smile 😁or two 😃with YOU!!! 👍  Absolutely NOTHING wrong with being in a good mood, full of smiles and chipper first thing in the morning!!😋

***CAUTION….GOOD MOODS, SMILES, and CHIPPERNESS are also known to annoy some people from time to time!!  Maybe, just maybe YOU are what they need***  BE Happy, BE Yourself, BE Weird from time to time, BE the Sunshine in someone’s Dark Day…….. Life needs more Happiness, Positivity and a bit of Weirdness from time to time!!  May this post find you in a good mood and if not may this post lift your spirits and help you smile.  Life is short, so enjoy it more before it’s too late!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson



Sending you a Big Hug & Smile…..Life is a journey…..

Here’s an Extra Big Hug and a Smile to anyone whom may need one!! Life is a journey. It is always full of paths and directions….no matter which direction you take, no matter what path you end up on, no matter what journey Life is leading you down….ALWAYS remember that YOU are loved, YOU are a wonderful person and Life is what you make of it so be just as Happy as you can be end enjoy Life to the fullest!!img_9244

We may not be able to control everything in our Lives and that’s ok, but we can control how we let Life affect us!!  So once again, here’s a Great Big Virtual Hug from me to you and a Smile to help brighten your day!😃  Much Luv 2 U ALL!!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………..Robin Robinson

Happy Crazy Monday Everyone!!!

Happy Crazy Monday Everyone!!!  Sometimes Life gets too serious so why not throw in a little Happy Craziness?!?!😜  It isn’t always easy to see the brighter side, we often get wrapped up in the negatives around us and sometimes we get consumed with taking care of others that we forget to brighten our own day…….do something for yourself everyday no matter how big or small.

You are just as important as everyone else and deserve some Crazy Happiness too!!   LoL Happy Crazy Monday Everyone from me to You and may we all share a bit of our own Happy Crazy Laughter & Smiles on this Monday!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Smile…..for yourself and for others………


SMILE……….for yourself and for others……..

Smiling can radiate positive energy throughout your body and into others…….

A Smile can be contagious……..

A Smile can brighten someones day……


I hope everyone enjoys today and everyday to the fullest…..

Have some fun today!!!!

Smile, Laugh, Joke around…..Enjoy Life……

Don’t take life so serious!!!!


Your Positivity,

Your Attitude,

Your Smiles,

Your Laughter,

Your Happiness,

Your Words……..ALL of these can easily spread to others and Brighten Everyone’s Day including your own!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!!! 😃

Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


What a Great Day for a Great Attitude and Believing in Yourself!!!  All things are Possible with the Right Attitude…….

Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month and Last Year are all done and over with!!!!  DO NOT dwell on things from the Past…..

TODAY is here, Tomorrow is close and your Future is still to come……

20150323-062157.jpgToday, Tomorrow and Everyday………

Embrace the fact that you have another day, another chance to do great things……

Another chance to see new things, to experience something new………

Another chance to fix any wrongs, to brighten someone’s day……..

Another chance to be with loved ones once again, to tell them that you Love them…….


The possibilities to your great happiness and to the happiness of others are endless!!! Love, Live, Believe in Yourself, Have a Good Attitude and be Happy 😃!!!! Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson