THANK YOU, to the countless men and women of our Armed Forces

I stand behind our Men & Women, Past & Present and am Grateful for them and their Sacrifices…..  They sign on the dotted line knowing that they may be called upon at any time to put their lives on the line.


The least we can do is Stand Behind Them, Stand Up for them and Honor Them!!!  Regardless of political views or beliefs part of “our” duty as Americans is to Honor Them!!  Thank You for your service!!  I am Proud to be an American and Proud of ALL the men and women whom have or are serving our great Country!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Call me Crazy, am I being bad?!?! LOL

Call me Crazy….I feel like I am doing something bad because:

  1. I am basking in the Sun sporting a Milwaukee Brewers tank top and my #1 team is the Mariners
  2. I am sitting with my bare-feet up on the table with laptop in my lap and most of you are busy at work
  3. I am drinking coffee out of a Clearas mug enjoying my morning coffee but doing so all by myself as the hubby is in WI working (Clearas =’s work mug)
  4. I am sitting here being lazy when there’s clearly chores and more constructive things I could be doing
  5. I am enjoying myself and my surroundings way too much…….img_9383

LOL…..sometimes I have WAY too much time on my hands which equals too much thinking!!  I hope you all have a little sunshine in your day and have a chance to sit with your feet up for a little Relaxation and You time!!! 😊  Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Count Your Blessings, NOT Your Problems

It is far better to Count Your Blessings than to count your problems.  We all have issues and problems but that’s okay, it’s just a part of Life.  These things should NOT consume us or define who we are.


There are far more important things we should be consumed with that are positives within our lives…….ourselves, our family and friends, the simple fact that we are alive yet another day to enjoy what Life has to offer and for the simple fact that Life is more enjoyable when we concentrate on the Good Within our Lives and that surrounds us!!

Do NOT let the negatives in this world make you bitter, do not let them consume you………Look and find the Positives and the Good within Life, there are far more greater things in Life to be Grateful for!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful day…..Hugs and much Luv 2 U ALL!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Good Morning & Happy Sunday!!

Good Morning & Happy Sunday!!! Life isn’t always easy….Life is ever changing….Life is what we make of it….Life is a Blessing Each and Every Day so don’t forget to stop what you are doing once in awhile to reflect, to look around you, to realize things could always be worse despite any challenges Life is throwing your way……Happy Sunday Everyone!! I truly hope you have a Wonderful Day, Many Smiles & Some Laughter to help Brighten the Day!!😊  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Life isn’t guaranteed so why not live

Once again I got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the Virgin Mountains here in Mesquite, NV.  The temperature was slightly cool with an extremely light breeze, calmness in the air with an occasional bird chirping in the distance and it felt as if everyone else was still in slumberland while I enjoyed the beauty all by myself…..
Embrace your surroundings, Look for the Good within your Life and don’t let the negatives affect you so much!!!  Life is so Beautiful and has so much to offer when we allow ourselves to enjoy more by stressing less and when we learn to accept that we cannot control everything that happens within our lives, but we can control how we let it affect us.  Life is not guaranteed and we may expire at any time so why not Live Life to the Fullest and Be Happier?!?!??

Take Chances…Try New Things…Embrace the Blessings You Have…Love Unconditionally…Have No Regrets…Let Go of Negatives from the Past…Forgive to Free Yourself…Take More Time to See & Feel The Blessings Within Your Life…Fix and Change What is Needed…Never Give Up or Give In…Be Happier & Smile More……Live & Love Yourself and Your Life!!!!
Just some deep thoughts once again as I enjoy my coffee while watching a beautiful sunrise counting my blessings!! Hugs & Luv 2 U ALL  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

My oh my oh what a Glorious Day…..Zippety doo dah…….

Zippety doo dah……My oh my oh what a glorious day today shall be!!  Each and every day is a Brand New Day, a New Day for new beginnings, a New Day to try new things, a New Day to make it better than the last, a New Day because yesterday is already in the past so forget about the broken pieces of yesterday they are done and over with!!

Zippety doo dah….Today is another day!!!  Cherish your family and friends, do what makes you happy, keep your attitude in check because you have a choice to be happy or grumpy…….NEVER stop believing in yourself and your abilities, NEVER stop dreaming in your hopes and dreams!!!  Today is only as good as you make it…..sending a Big Smile your way, a Hug just in case you need it and Happy Thoughts for a wonderful day!!!  Zippety doo day Zippety Yay!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

A Random Blog

As I was just washing the dishes by hand (dishwasher broke), I am thinking back on what I have written so far on my Blog. Though I am new to Blogging and don’t have a lot of posts yet, I was thinking about how I use to write poems and random thoughts growing up (who knows if they were any good or if my new ones are any better). It has been nearly 20 years since I have really written anything and this is the first time ever really sharing. Now, today I realize that I do not care who sees what I write or if they really like it or agree with me. I do hope that some of my words, or just one of my posts will be helpful to someone, somewhere, someday. Even if it’s as simple as bringing a smile to someone’s face and brightening their day! That is the new goal and purpose of my Blog… share some of myself and how I see things!!! 🙂

Originally, I decided to start blogging as a way to share my photos and stories of the places we go and the things we have seen or will see……..but as I was washing a glass mug I realized most of what I have written so far on my Blog has not been just sharing a few photos and a little about them but actually more. I have been expressing myself and how I feel and see some things. I’ve even done a couple that I didn’t even use one of my photos!!!

Wow, for the first time in years I feel good about writing and even sharing it with anyone who’s interested!!!

I will continue to share some of my favorite photos and whatever random thoughts I may have and I look forward to sharing the journeys ahead. Near and far!!!

Have you ever thought about writing or typing your own random thoughts? In the past I used it as an outlet for my feelings of anger, frustrations, heartaches and joys that just go along with growing up. 20 years later I’m finding it therapeutic again but in a much different way. I’m finding enjoyment in sharing some of the things I’ve done, places I’ve been and some of the things that go through my head that have helped me get through the big scary thing called “LIFE”!!!!!!

Give it a try!!! Write about something good in your life, or something that’s been bothering you or just any random thing such as the bird you see outside your window. You don’t have to share anything you write with anyone, you can delete it, throw it away, tear it up or even burn it!!!! You may just realize you enjoy it!!!!

Happy writing and thanks for reading this current random post of thoughts going through my head!!