Much Luv and Hugs to ALL you wonderful people!!! ¬†YOU are Wonderful, Beautiful/Handsome and Amazing…..Be true to yourself and Happy because you want to be!!ūüėĄ


Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………..Robin Robinson

You are all Beautiful with a Beautiful Soul……Believe nothing less!!!

Good Morning my Family, my Friends.  You are all Beautiful in different ways and each and every one of you has a Beautiful Soul!!!  

Don’t let the negatives of “Life” or the negatives of others steal your Happiness……. ¬†Beauty and Happiness come from within so, “be Who YOU are, Be True to Yourself”………

Ignore anyone that makes you feel less than the Great Person that you are!! ¬†Good Morning to all the Beautiful Souls out there!! ¬†You are Beautiful, You have a Beautiful Souls…..Believe Nothing Less!!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Never Give Up, Keep Trying

Good Morning Everyone!!!! ¬†May you all have a most wonderful Sunday!! ¬†Never Give Up, Ever on your hopes and dreams…….things don’t always happen over night or as quickly as we’d like but that’s okay, keep trying anyways. ¬†Having goals, having hopes and dreams gives us positive things to work towards, to look forward to……Never Give Up, Keep Dreaming and working towards what you want!! ¬†Keep Trying…….. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson

GoOd MoRnInG & HeLLLLoo!!!!! SMILE, Realize…..

GoOd MoRnInG & HeLLLLoo!!!!! ¬†SMILE and Realize that: YOU are Loved, YOU are a special person, YOU can do and be whatever you want, YOU have many options and choices, YOU are better than you realize, YOU can and will succeed don’t give up, YOU are as stuck as you allow yourself to be, YOU can make a difference, YOU deserve to be Happy and YOU have a most Beautiful Infectious Smile that should be worn more!! ūüėÉ


Good Morning Everyone!! ¬†YOU are SO Much More than You Believe……Believe in YOURSELF and Your Abilities as YOU Deserve Happiness!! ¬†May you ALL have a Wonderful Day and May you ALL find a Smile or Two to help get you through the day with some Love in your heart and happiness within your soul!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………Robin Robinson

Why are frogs so happy???

Happy Happy Happy……it is yet another day and although you may not be where you want to be, you may not be doing what you want to be doing….it does NOT mean that you cannot be Happy!!

Take a deep breath, exhaaaale….repeat and tell yourself that today is going to be a Good Day and that you are going to put a Smile on Your Face!!!

Find the Positives, Find the Good within Every Day, Smile and Believe in Yourself!!! Do what Makes YOU Happy, Do whatever it takes to Succeed and Follow Your Dreams….NEVER Give Up!!!! Hope you ALL have a Positively Wonderful Day….hugs and luv from me to you!! ¬†Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Hello Tuesday….

Never Give Up, Always Believe that Someday Your Dreams Will Come True!Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but Someday….Someday……believe and anything is possible. Nothing just magically happens you have to be willing to try, you have to be willing to work for it, you will have setbacks and people discouraging you but keep moving forward and most importantly keep Believing in your Dreams and Never Give Up! Happy Tuesday Everyone! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Believe in YOURSELF, do what is right for YOU!

Do WHAT you believe is right for you, follow your heart, follow your hopes & dreams!! Many will try to discourage you, you may fail and stumble along the way….DON’T GIVE UP…..DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!!
Believe, Believe whole-heartedly in yourself and what you are trying to achieve! Have an incredible day and weekend!! Sending you ALL Love & Hugs from the road somewhere in Wisconsin!!ūüėä. #believeinyourself #followyourdreams #followyourheart #dowhatsrightforyou #bewhoyouaremeanttobe #dontlistentonegativepeople #livedontjustexist