Life…..Life Happens Whether we…..

Beautiful Breezy Evening as the sun is going down………such amazing beauty that constantly surrounds us if we just take a moment to look around us!!😊img_9872

Life…….Life happens whether we enjoy it or whether we just let it slip by…..

Take a few moments each day to enjoy the beauty and the blessings that you have in your life.  Life isn’t just about Money and Materialistic things, they are just things…….. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


Life’s little miracles, here one minute-gone the next…….

Life’s little miracles can happen at any time……Life’s little miracles can be gone at any moment.

Don’t forget to take the time to see the miracles, the beauty that surrounds you and the Good within your life…….Appreciate what you have while you have it and be grateful for yet another day.

Nothing in Life Lasts Forever…………Be Happy, Enjoy more of What Life Has to Offer, Stress Less and Have Love in Your Heart!

Sending You All a Lotta Luv this fine day!!  Hope you have a wonderful day and week, may you find some inner peace to help get you through any challenges that may come your way!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………..Robin Robinson

A great big Thank You, from a Proud American

We live in such a great Country, we have so many Opportunities & Freedoms. Some take these for granted, some have never thought about the sacrifices that have happened to allow us to keep these. Others feel that they are just entitled and have complete disregard & disrespect for those whom have or still are fighting for our Freedoms, our Opportunities…Our Way of Life!! I for one am PROUD to be an American!!

Lake Winnebago, Fon du lac WI

I want to Thank our Past, Present & Future Men and Women from ALL walks of life for their dedication to Serve & Protect…..Thank You-Local Law Enforcement, Firefighters & EMT/First Responders, Thank You-to all whom have or are Serving in the United States Military, Active, Reservists and future, Thank You-to those behind the scenes who help with support….because of People like You, we have Freedoms & Opportunities unlike anywhere else in the World. Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Happy 4th of July, 2016

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Make today a wonderful Independence Day……while enjoying yourself please do not forget to pause and take a few moments to remember why we are celebrating. 

Thank you to ALL of the men and women past and present whom have served in any form to protect our rights, our Freedoms…….

Happy 4th of July may you all realize how truly blessed we all are!!  This 4th of July my husband and I are celebrating with a couple less as two of our sons are in the Military.  One is a Marine while our baby is currently in Navy Bootcamp……so hug your loved ones tight and appreciate everything that you have!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Modern “&?!@&$ Technology……learning is so stressful 😊

I just want to say that MODERN TECHNOLOGY SUCKS!!! I just did up a nice inspiring post using the iPad while in the road (trying something new), saved it published it and now it’s gone…disappeared an nothing but the first sentence and one photo left!!! UGH!!!!!!!Aggravated beyond words as I just spent almost two hours figuring out how to manipulate, move pictures, etc.  Then it didn’t convert from word, so I started over and now it’s ALL gone!!! I sure do love my technology abilities!!! NOT!!!! So…..for mustering some feel good, do good thoughts and words……hmmm…..previous positivity eludes me.  

So, for now…I’m putting a smile on my face, gonna have to annoy my husband and my son in other ways besides cussing at the IPad as we are traveling from NV to MT, I have no yarn to crochet, modern technology is NOT being my friend and we still have about 10hrs on the road!! Everything including your ATTITUDE, your FROWN, and your EVIL Thoughts of the IPad flying out the window till it comes to a sliding halt along the pavement to just be squished by the innocent semi truck passing by…….Everything is temporary!!

EVERYTHING is Temporary, so take whatever happens as a learning experience..both good and bad!! Try to stay positive, take deep breaths and you will get through anything and everything!!! You can either stay stuck in the “Negatives” or you can move on!! Be grateful for what you have, be grateful you have a chance once again to conquer the IPad when you are ready, be grateful you have loved ones whom love you for being who you are!!! Happy Wednesday everyone, hopefully “modern technology” is treating you better than me today!!! 😊. Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Happiness comes from within……

Happiness comes from within……no one can give or take your Happiness away unless you allow it!!!


Do you realize how truly blessed you are despite any issues, despite your location, despite your financial circumstances? YOU are still very blessed……you may not be completely happy with some of your current circumstances but it’s only temporary and you are blessed if you just take a look around you, you are alive once again for another day and you have loved ones if you just take time to realize it!! LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH & SMILE!!!! 
Everything in life is temporary and it’s up to US…YOU…ME…..It is up to us to change, to conquer, to get out of our comfort zone and to follow our dreams and goals. DO what makes YOU happy…..DO what you feel is right even if it may not work out…..DO what you believe is right for YOU, not anyone else!! Don’t forget to be supportive of others… may not agree with their decisions, their choices or their dreams but it’s not your life….be supportive and help someone else be happy!! 
Okay, enough of my feel good thoughts for now……I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Auto Accident….Angels working Overtime and a Mothers two cents!!!!

This past Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2016, our son Wyatt (our baby boy (17)), hit a puddle/patch of ice and ended up flipping his truck!!! I can honestly say that after being on scene and taking my first glance of the truck I was so glad that I had already talked to him and knew he was ok with just a bump on his head and I had even talked to an EMT and confirmed this while we were en route to the scene……….I guarantee had I NOT known my heart would have sunk and a tear or two may have escaped my eyes at the condition of the upside down truck!! Truly, he had Angels with him………I thank God for keeping him safe!!!
Sometimes, a Mothers Love has no words… is only something that can be felt.
Motherhood is a blessing, it is not a right or an automatic because you have given birth to a child…..Motherhood is something that is felt, that is shown through unconditional love, patience, perseverance, mistakes and by just being there and being a part of your child’s life through thick and thin no matter what!!! Being a Mother is a Great Privilege and Blessing!!  I am extremely overjoyed that Wyatt is ok, that he is NOT in the hospital or even worse, the unthinkable and unfathomable….no longer with us!! To ALL of the Mothers, Fathers, Step Parents, Grandparents, Friends………to EVERYONE with Loved Ones related or not………….LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, Give HUGS, say I LOVE YOU, let them know you care!!! Do this OFTEN………DO NOT let harsh words, arguments, disagreements, Pride, glaring stares, silence of unspoken words and feelings be what is left between you, do not let these things stand between you……ones LIFE can be gone in the blink of an eye, a roll of a truck and tomorrow may be too late!!!! You never know what may be ahead for tomorrow or what may even happen in a few hours!!!
I may not be perfect but I strive to be the best Mother, friend, person that I can be to my biological and non-biological children, they deserve the best, they deserve to feel loved, they deserve to have someone believing in them or even just someone to call Ma once in awhile that’s weird, goofy, and just loves them because she can!!!! To ALL of my KIDDOS……I Love Every Single One of You!!!! 😊 You ALL make me Happy and you always bring big Smiles to my face and Joy to my Heart!!

LOTS of LOVE and BIG HUGS to you ALL, my Friends and Family!! Thank you, each and every one of you for being a part of my Life no matter how big or small, I truly appreciate every single one of you!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson